Why You Should Use Green Crates to Move Instead of Cardboard Boxes

Did you know that the average family uses at least 30 cardboard boxes during a move? If you consider yourself to be an eco-friendly person, this is certainly a mark against the environment. Fortunately, there are other ways to box up your items without using fragile cardboard boxes that will end up thrown away. By renting eco-friendly green crates during your relocation, you will:

Cut Down on the Amount of Post-Move Trash

Instead of folding up box after box when you’ve finished unpacking, you can simply return the crates you rented. This means no heaps of trash next to your recycling bin. Plus, eco-friendly rental crates don’t require tape, so you won’t have to use a whole roll of duct tape to seal up the items inside.

Better Protect Your Belongings

Cardboard boxes aren’t very sturdy, so you need to be very careful about how you distribute the weight of your belongings inside them. With green crates, you’ll be able to fit more inside each box without overloading them or worrying that they’ll collapse. Besides, don’t you want to move your items inside more durable boxes to alleviate the risk of damage?

if you’re planning a long-distance move, it will be easier to use Green carts, so you can have everything in the right order. it will be also easier for you to unpack.

Make Things Easier on Your Movers

Movers love it when you rent their eco-friendly boxes. They are often easier to carry and stack, which benefits them during the moving process. Plus, they’re reusable, so the company can benefit from them time and time again.

If you’re moving in the Dallas area, contact Green Van Lines to talk about their eco-friendly crate rentals. They ensure that the crates are durable enough to protect each of your belongings. Green Van Lines can also provide you with the other supplies you need to make your residential or commercial relocation as simple as possible. To schedule a move or receive a quote for renting their green crates, call 888-770-4733 today.

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