Moving & Packing Supplies in Dallas & Fort Lauderdale

Moving & Packing Supplies in Dallas, TXWhen it comes to moving your most prized possessions, we understand how secure and safe you would like each piece of furniture and household item. At Green Van Lines, we utilize the very best eco-friendly packing material and storage crates to transport your items from one point to another in Dallas and Fort Lauderdale.

Every Type of Moving Supply You Need

Whether you’re looking for a large or small container to pack your things, our moving supplies feature everything you need to relocate successfully. We will work with you directly to list all items being transported in our bio-diesel trucks, so you know exactly what moving supplies you require. We offer protective packaging for electronics, priceless works of art, and other goods you would like kept safe.

Our Moving Supply Options for You

Our line of green crates was designed to be environmentally friendly, affordable, and useful for your relocation. These containers are faster and easier to load onto our trucks and unload once we arrive, so you can bet your items will arrive in good condition. Because plastic crates are reusable, green crates are environmentally sound and eliminate harmful cardboard waste from the environment. We go green wherever possible.

Accessories For Protection

Many homes and offices have electronics, relevant documents, and valuable pieces of furniture they would like kept safe. Our team of professional movers has accessories to wrap each item individually, ensuring no damage befalls any of your goods. Our team is incredibly careful with each item we load onto the truck. We know one of the biggest stresses of moving is the potential damage that occurs. At Green Van Lines, we minimize the possibility of harm for your peace of mind.

Contact Us

If you would like to purchase moving supplies for your upcoming relocation in Dallas and Fort Lauderdale, contact Green Van Lines at 888-770-4733. We would be happy to provide you with anything you need to make life easier.