Rent moving boxes: Green Crate Rental Service

Through our Green Crate Rental Service, Green Van Lines is working to reduce the rate of global deforestation by offering our customers a reusable alternative to cardboard and paper products. You can provide your support for this initiative by opting to rent moving boxes and reusable crate as part of your relocation service, instead of choosing cardboard boxes.

Rent a Green Crate Now

As a leader amongst green moving companies, Green Van Lines utilizes Eco-friendly crates on a daily basis.


Green Crate Rental for Moving

Our green crate rental service is not just some Eco-friendly gimmick we’re sticking with. These reusable packages are durable, guaranteed to last for years to come, and replace thousands of cardboard boxes from moving companies over time.

Each green crate is spacious and, most importantly, inexpensive to take advantage of. This makes them ideal for commercial and residential moves.

Storage Crate Rental

At Green Van Lines, we offer the most affordable rates for business and residential movers anywhere in the industry. We would like to go a step above and beyond by providing reliable, affordable storage crate rental, too. Whether you’re housing your prized possessions overnight or for extended periods of time, our storage crates will stand the test of time. We rent moving boxes and each crate for just $2.95 per week!

Green Crate Rental Experts

As an Eco-friendly, green moving company, Green Van Lines considers ourselves to be experts in the green movement. Our green crate rental service is one of our most desired offerings to the community. We know how to correctly load green crates to ensure no damage befalls your items.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in renting green crates for your upcoming move in Dallas Fort Worth TX or Fort Lauderdale, FL, contact Green Van Lines today by calling 888-770-4733. We have storage facilities available anywhere from one day to six months, depending on what you may need. We’re happy to work with you!