Long Distance Moving Tips

There is a lot of preparation involved when you are moving house across the country. Not only do you need to get your things packed and plan your relocation to the letter, but you also need to start thinking about whether you want to invite moving companies to quote you for the move.

It’s straightforward to forget this step, in the process when you are ticking as many things off of your list as possible in one go. However, if you want to start off your move right, you need to consider the movers and not forget them!

So, if you want to simplify the big adventure to the new house across town, check out our list of long-distance moving tips below.

Long Distance Movers

How to Pack Properly

It can be very tempting to head to the nearest supermarket and ask them for their spare boxes. However, the best thing that you could do is pay for proper packaging from a packing company.

This moving tip is one that you should pay attention to as it can make a difference between having sturdy boxes, and boxes that break easily! You could pay for a packing service for your movers, but the best thing to do is to buy professional boxes with double walls, bubble wrap, and foam pouches.

You want your belongings to be packed appropriately so that you’re not dealing with breakages- that isn’t the fault of the moving company. While you’re buying packing supplies, buy labels and

Sharpies to make sure that it’s easy for your movers to decide where things go. It’s so much easier to ensure that you have the right boxes, in the right place when you’re on the other side!

Parking Is Key!

You could be an excellent customer and put cones out for your movers to park into, when they get to your house. Parking is a huge deal when you have hired an out-of-state moving company to help – you do not want them to be parked up down the road and nowhere near your house.

The closer they are to your front door, the more efficient your move will be. Ask your neighbors if you can use their driveway if necessary; they’ll be able to let you know if it’s okay for your movers to park. and if you think you will consider an urban neighborhood– you can read this one.

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Protect The House

Do you know how many people lose money because their furniture has been bashed against the doorframes? Not just that, but your movers are going to be trudging through your house and bringing with them any muddy rainwater as well as clumps of mud. All through the brand new carpets in the new home.

The best thing that you can do here is to make sure that you have tarps or large dust sheets, everywhere throughout the house so that you can avoid the boot prints throughout the home. It’s not just about protecting the house, either.

There’s nothing you want to avoid more than a moving company employee breaking a leg because they slip over on the way through your home. So, let’s think about those dust sheets and tarps, green crate rental– and towels for the rainwater!

The Fit

Professional movers are geniuses at playing furniture Tetris. That is, moving all of your belongings through the house without getting stuck. If the doorways are small, they’ll be able to pop out the window frames and get things out that way.

However, they will need some warning, so if you think your sofa suite is going to be too big to fit through the door, please do let them know. They’ll bring the right equipment and supplies to get your things out of the house- as they need to so that your home is not going to be broken and beaten by your furniture!

Call The Childminder

Whether you rely on your friends, family, or sitting service, you need to consider calling a childminder for the big move. Trying to juggle toddlers and moving boxes is not the best idea you could have.

So, you need to consider calling for reinforcements to help you on moving day. Getting the kids out of the way lessens the risk of accidents, and it ensures that you can help load, and then unpack quickly at the other end, too.

Think About The Pets

Moving to a new house is a big deal for a pet, as well as the kids. You need to have a plan for the pets on the day; whether you book your cat or dog into a kennel for a couple of days you’re cheap long distance moving or not, it’s smart to consider where they need to go. Crating the dog and letting family and friends help you with them too is going to be an intelligent decision.

Not only will you consider that your pet will get to the new property in one piece, but you can also ensure that they are comfortable the entire time. Pets need to be looked after in the way you would children; it’s a significant upheaval for them too.

Plan in advance and get some advice from your vet – especially if you plan to move globally. That’s a whole other ball game and requires you to use a proper pet shipping service, to get your pet from A to B in one piece.

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Always, Always Tip.

You do not have to tip your movers – but it’s a beautiful thing to do. Having cash on hand to tip them for a job well done is just courtesy. Many cross-country moving companies go above and beyond for their customers, and if you’ve been moved in half the time that was estimated, spatially in long-distance movers Dallas then the best thing that you can do is tip them accordingly.

A house move should be as smooth as possible, and the best way for that to happen is to follow our tips. Don’t be afraid of long-distance moving – the right moving companies will make this whole process as easy for you as possible. These long-distance moving tips should help to guide you on your way to a new house with ease.

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