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Since the early days of aviation in the early 1900s, Grand Prairie has been closely associated with the aviation industry. The Vought Aircraft facility, which is now in Dallas, was originally in Grand Prairie. This association accelerated during and after World War II, and it continues today. Speaking of today, modern Grand Prairie is one of the most diverse Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs. That, and its location near the heart of the Metroplex, makes Movers Grand Prairie an attractive destination for businesses and families from across the area and across the country.

We have not been moving families and businesses quite as long as the aviation industry has been in Grand Prairie. But over the years, the Green Van Lines team has developed proven methods that help us move you efficiently from Point A to Point B. That’s the goal of any relocation. Extras along the way are important, and we always include them. But we never lose sight of the big picture.


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Moving Your Family (to Grand Prairie)

Grand Prairie is one of the most family-friendly Dallas suburbs. The schools are above average and the population is diverse. Additionally, Grand Prairie has a number of entertainment amenities designed for families. There are professional sports venues, indoor and outdoor stages, theme parks, and historic venues, just to name a few.

Families move to Grand Prairie for various reasons. Some want to be closer to these attractions, some like the better schools, and some want to be closer to work. Whatever your reason for moving, Green Van Lines is there from start to finish. Our experience helps families plan the best move they have had. The next time your family moves, we aim to top that experience. We want to be your relocation and storage company of choice from now on.

Speaking of storage, many residential movers are downsizers. Most area Green Van Lines locations also offer a wide range of convenient and secure storage options. We supply space from an extra foot locker to an extra garage. 

Moving Your Corporate HQ

As the name implies, there is plenty of space in Grand Prairie. As a result, there are many corporate headquarters located here. Many of them are affiliated with the aviation industry. Telecommunications, energy production, and retail are prominent as well. Grand Prairie has a strong tax base and strong local leadership.

These moves are more than just office moves. Your leadership team members need new homes as well. So, at Green Van Lines, our corporate headquarters moves are partially commercial moves and partially commercial relocations. Inexperienced companies often farm out one aspect of these moves. But at Green Van Lines, we take the opposite approach. One team handles all aspects of these moves. That streamlined approach increases efficiency and decreases costs.

Moving Over Short Distances

Most of the relocations we handle cover less than one hundred miles. The promise of this growing community draws businesses and families from many other parts of North Texas. Moreover, Grand Prairie has a small-town feel and big-city amenities. That’s a rare combination in the Metroplex.

To the experienced Green Van Lines team, your new local address is not just a dot on a map. We go the extra mile to provide relocation services which are unavailable elsewhere. That includes things from the aforementioned storage solutions to advice about the best local chicken restaurant.

Grand Prairie: Moving Your Business

Grand Prairie’s diversity means that no matter what good or service your business offers, there is a market for it here. And, most local residents prefer doing business with local companies. So a local address gives your business an advantage.

Some of the commercial relocations we handle the most include:

Offices: Lawyers, accountants, and other such professionals usually find ample office space at reasonable rates in Grand Prairie. Furthermore, the city is very convenient to both Dallas and Fort Worth.

Laboratories: These businesses often have extremely delicate and expensive equipment. Some companies practically encase this equipment in wrapping for fear of damaging it. But our confident and experienced movers know how to protect this equipment without wasting resources or delaying the move.

Libraries: Almost all offices have libraries, from a few volumes to a few rooms full of volumes. Library moves also include technology moves. We have the experience to handle all aspects of these relocations.

During these relocations, environmental preservation is important to you, and it’s important to us. That’s why we do things like use sturdy, reusable moving crates instead of disposable cardboard boxes.

Moving Over Long Distances

Grand Prairie is one of the most accessible inner circle Dallas suburbs. A number of local Grand Prairie movers and interstate highways pass through or near this city. Additionally, a number of large institutions of higher learning are in or near Grand Prairie. As a result, families and businesses from other parts of the country, and other parts of the world, often come to Grand Prairie.

Green Van Lines is a local company with nationwide resources. So, we are well-positioned to handle the logistical challenges that these moves involve. Because of our experience, we have probably experienced a specific challenge before, and we know how to overcome it.

We also work to reduce our expenses in this area. That lowers customer costs. Additionally, we always offer transparent pricing plans, so you know exactly what you are getting.

Moving Your Vehicles from Grand Prairie

Frequently, Long distance moving relocations also involve vehicle relocations. That’s the safest, most secure, and most convenient way to move the family car, dtruck, or SUV. Furthermore, vehicle relocation also eliminates wear and tear on drivers. Since they just need to bet at their new address, vehicle relocation takes some of the stress out of moving.

Vehicle relocations also support our mission to be an environmentally friendly company. If we can take one car or truck off the road for even a little while, we become part of the solution, instead of part of the problem.

Directions to Nearest Branch

Click here to find the Green Van Lines location nearest you. Our experienced and efficient team is standing by to help you plan and execute the best move your family or business has ever had.

If you’re located in Grand Prairie, stop by our headquarters in Addison. We would be happy to speak with you. Our address is 3109 Graden Brook Dr, Dallas TX 75234. We serve entire Grand Prairie, TX 75050, 75051, 75052, 75053, 75054, 75060, 75104, 75212, 75249, 76002, 76006, 76010, 76018, 76040, 76063, 76065, 76155.

About Grand Prairie

Grand Prairie, a city in Dallas County, is the fifteenth-most populous city in all of Texas with just over 175,000 residents. The city has become a cultural center for learning, music, and various attractions and oddities. Tourists are always flocking to the city to spend some time relaxing.

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