How To Choose Your Long Distance Movers?

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Long-distance Move is often considered a more complicated undertaking when compared to local moving. At Green Van Lines, we have designed each step to be easier and hassle-free for you.

We have a proven track record of offering long-distance moving services in Dallas and Fort Lauderdale that are reliable, safe, and affordable. We are the number 1 choice long distance movers in the nation.


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Long Distance Moving Advice

Moving to an entirely new state is a complicated task, but not if you prepared ahead of time. The customer representatives at Green Van Lines can advise you on the smaller factors you shouldn’t overlook, including switching over utilities, preparing your driver’s license, and changing phone services beforehand.

When you finally arrive, long-distance movers handle the big stuff while you have the smaller tasks already handled.

Affordable Long Distance Movers

Long-distance moving can be an expensive experience for any family unprepared for the costs associated with long-distance movers.

For those working on a tight budget, however, Green Van Lines will work with you to ensure our moving rates are affordable and meet your needs.

Calculation Long Distance Move

Before your move ever begins, a member of our exceptional customer service team will visit your home to perform an evaluation. We will explore each room of the house, marking down items that will be loaded into our bio-diesel trucks for the long haul.

During this visit, we can offer a comprehensive quote of our long-distance moving services, so you understand the costs associated with the relocation process. We charge by the hour to load and unload the moving truck of all your household or office items, but we price our services fairly and affordably.

When is the best time of year for a long-distance move?

It can be tricky to know when to schedule your long-distance move. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  1. If possible, try to buy a home and move during the winter. There will be less competition when it comes to moving long-distance since home buying always decreases during the wintertime.

  2. If you cannot make the winter work, try to move any other month except June or July. This part of the summer is “moving season,” so you can expect to see an increase in moving costs.

  3. Take the weather into consideration. If you know a certain time of year is known for its heavy rains in your area, you might want to avoid those weeks. This could have a serious effect on the logistics of your long-distance move.

Have more questions about your long-distance? Don’t hesitate to contact Green Van Lines today!

How to calculate long-distance moving cost

There are many factors that affect the cost of a long-distance move. Of course, the cost will vary based on how far you’re moving, but your geographic location and the size of your home will also affect expenses. To give you an idea, the American Moving and Storage Association estimates that the average cost of an out-of-state move varies between $2,500 and $3000.

Remember, though, the longer the distance between your current home and your next destination, the higher your relocation costs will be.

If you have further questions about calculating your long-distance moving costs, don’t hesitate to contact Green Van Lines today!



5 Tips for a Successful Long-Distance Move

Generally, a long-distance move is a move over 300 miles away. Moving 300 miles is a very complicated task if you have not fully prepared. It is incredibly important to make sure that you take the time to thoroughly plan your move.

Make a Plan

It is important to know your plan as soon as you know you’re moving. Creating a checklist of everything you need to get done prior to your move allows you to prepare more efficiently while making sure everything is completed on time.

Create a List of your Belongings

Creating a checklist of your belongings not only allows you to make sure you packed everything, but it also allows you to make sure everything arrives at your new home. Keeping a list of everything you own in one place saves you the stress of figuring out if everything has arrived in your new home.

Don’t Keep Everything

When packing for a long-distance move, prioritizing your items allows you to save money, reduce stress, and keep only what is necessary. Environmentally-friendly options for the belongings you choose not to bring include selling your items, recycling or donating.

Pack an “Open First” box

An open-first box should include items that you’ll need in your first few days or weeks, such as bedding, dishes and kitchen supplies, towels, and some clothes.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Packing up your entire house alone can take months. As professional movers, we have the resources necessary to keep your belongings safe during transport.

When hiring a full-service moving company, you get to sit back and relax while an experienced team of professional movers pack up your household items and loads them for safe transportation.

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