Experienced Local Movers in Denton


The northern tip of the Fort Worth-Dallas-Denton Golden Triangle might best be known as the home of the University of North Texas. In only a few decades, this institution has grown from a regional college into one of the largest universities in the state. Small scale moves are part of college life, which means we are part of life here as well. As the school has grown, the community has grown as well. So, there is more of a need for larger moves, as well as experienced local movers in Denton.

At Green Van Lines, we put the E inexperienced and the L in local. All our team members have dedicated professionals who know what it takes to get the job done right. Because of our experience, we handle your relocation with confidence, regardless of the circumstances. Furthermore, all our team members hail from the Denton County area, like in  Lewisville. We are proud of our community, and our efforts reflect that pride.




Our Key Principles


Here at Green Van Lines, our core values begin with commitment. Relocation is not just a summer or weekend job. We realize these services are an important part of our community. The smoother a move goes, the more comfortable people feel, and that benefits everyone. Thus, we take our responsibilities seriously.

At the same time, commitment does not mean all work and no play. We enjoy doing our job and welcoming new people to the community. And, if you want to know the best place to see a movie or enjoy a street taco, we are more than willing to share our opinions with you.

Value is important to us as well, just like it’s important to you. This word has multiple meanings to us at Green Van Lines. On one level, value means we cherish all our team members as well as all our customers. Our experienced local movers in Denton treat everyone with respect.

Value also means getting more than your money’s worth. Our efficient relocation services help us uphold this core value. We are not the cheapest movers in Denton, but we are not the most expensive ones either. In many ways, that’s the very definition of value.

Finally, our core values include service. After all, we are in the service industry. You can be sure that we will go above and beyond for you and your family. We want to be your movers for life. So, no one can match us in terms of services like promptness, efficiency, and pricing matters. Furthermore, if your relocation involves special circumstances, such as a government or military move, we adjust our services accordingly.

Our service does not stop when our team members leave. We routinely follow up with our customers to make sure they are adjusting to their new environments and offer additional assistance when needed.

Services We Offer

Green Van Lines might be a local company, but we have considerable resources. Our operation consists of much more than a couple of guys and a couple of trucks. As a result, we offer a full array of relocation services throughout North Texas, including:

• Local Moves:

Most people relocate about a dozen times during their lifetimes, and most of these relocations are local moves. Whether you are moving to your first apartment or to the largest mansion in town, we are here for you.

• Long-Distance Moves:

The winds of change are always blowing, and they sometimes carry you and your family far away. Such moves often involve a lot of uncertainty, which is why it’s good to work with experienced local movers in Denton.

• Residential Moves:

We aren’t talking about moving the items in your residence. We are talking about physically moving the residence itself. These large-scale moves require a great deal of particular experience, and we have these credentials.

• Office Relocation:

Doctors, lawyers, dentists, and other professionals cannot afford downtime. When you work with Green Van Lines, we do more than move you from one place to the next. We make sure you can get up and running quickly at your new location.

• Commercial Moves:

Logistically, these moves are a lot like long-distance residential relocations. There are lots of moving parts, and our experienced local Denton movers know how all these parts work together.

Because of the value we offer, most of our customers choose one of these complete professional services. However, if you prefer a DIY move, we have the tools and equipment you need. We’re also available to offer advice.




Why You Need an Experienced Local Mover in Denton

There really is no substitute for experience. Some local movers arrive with only a vague idea of what they must do. But our experienced local movers in Denton texas are highly trained. Whatever challenge you face, our team members have probably overcome it before. If we did it before for someone else, we can do it again for you.

Partnering with a local moving company is important as well. To a larger company, your new home or business location is probably just a flag on a GPS navigation screen. Chances are, some of our team members probably hail from that area. So, we don’t just move your stuff. We relocate your life with pride.

Contact us now and experience the Green Van Lines difference for yourself.