Commercial Moving Services

Your business is important; we understand this. At Green Van Lines, the number one choice as a commercial moving company our experienced commercial movers utilize the utmost care when relocating the items so very essential to the daily operation of your company. what is commercial moving? We know that, as a business owner, it is important to have your employees back to work as soon as possible. You can leave the heavy lifting of commercial moving to our experienced team.



Commercial Movers

Commercial Moving companies 

Whether you have an office building or industrial property, we are dedicated to offering nothing but quality commercial moving services in Dallas Texas, and Fort Lauderdale FL to meet your needs. We stand by our level of excellence with services such as:

  • Fast, reliable commercial movers.
  • Packing of relevant documents.
  • Packing computers and electronics.
  • Storage services.
  • Project management for a smooth transition and relocation.
  • Service Excellence.


Any move can be expensive, more so when relocating an entire company to a new location. Our friendly sales representative will visit your site and offer a comprehensive quote for our services.

We will determine how many moving trucks you need, how many movers you require for the job, and any packing materials you need. Rest assured, all of our commercial moving services are priced affordably, though.

We Care Your Stuff

At Green Van Lines, we are a commercial moving company, not a group of amateurs looking for a quick buck. We do care about each and every item we load onto our bio-diesel trucks.

Our expert team of movers is regularly trained to provide the utmost safety and security for all of your goods and furniture.

Commercial Moving Process

Let’s make one thing clear: your business is our business. If you intend to relocate, you’ll need to shut down for a week or more to handle the move.

That might mean lost profits and lost customers. At Green Van Lines, we know that time is of the essence in a commercial move.

Before the big day of a commercial move, make sure you take the following steps:

  • Inform your current customers of the move.
  • Update company information online.
  • Create a thorough moving budget.
  • Establish someone to coordinate with the movers.
  • Have employees box smaller items.

As you work through these simple steps, you’ll notice the move becoming less stressful.

Professional movers from Green Van Lines will pack any remaining items, furniture, or equipment. We can then easily transport your entire business to its new location. It’s that simple!



Affordable Commercial Movers

You’re running a business. That means you look for ways to make money and save money. When it comes to relocation, you might think this means that you cannot afford to hire a professional moving service. At Green Van Lines, we believe moving can be affordable.

We’re not willing to empty our own bank accounts to relocate, and we don’t expect our customers to, either.

Experienced movers make life easier. We know how to properly pack each item, lift heavy objects without injury, and transport goods without damage. We offer completely reliable services. If you’re seeking affordable commercial movers, give us a call.

We’ll provide you with a complete quote so you can make an informed decision. We stand by our pricing and our guarantees because we’re confident that we offer the best moving services near me around.

Industrial Movers

Through careful preparation, planning, and cooperative, Green Van Lines and your company will eliminate any confusion and downtime experienced during a relocation.

Our commercial movers utilize the right materials to ensure your industrial tools, technology, and building are protected, thus reducing repair or maintenance costs.

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For commercial moving services in Dallas and Fort Lauderdale you can fully rely on, give Green Van Lines a call today at 888-770-4733. We would be happy to assist you.