Corporate Moving Service (In Dallas TX & Fort Lauderdale, FL)

In a corporate move or corporate relocation, the complete office must be shifted from one destination to another.
Our movers at
Green Van Lines take immense care while moving your essential office items –items such as office tables and chairs, computers, electronic equipment, articles, wardrobes, and more. Corporate moving service can be as easy as residential relocation if you know what you are doing! 

You can rest assured that our well-organized and efficient crew will make your corporate relocation a success – all while fulfilling our pledge to be environmentally friendly and promote green-ways.

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ways in which we make corporate moving in Dallas and Fort Lauderdale easy:

  • From one business to another, we can appreciate the importance of finding the right corporate mover.
    We know that everything, from disconnecting computer hardware to packing important company documents, MUST be done on a strict timetable and with no mistakes.

  • Green Van Lines has planned and executed numerous large/complex commercial moves with major businesses across the country. We have also helped hundreds of small businesses relocate. Whether your business requires detailed, large-scale relocation with multiple phases, or only two men and a truck, we can help.

  • Our specially-trained, certified crews can move factory equipment within your existing facility or to a new location. for example, Addison tx movers.

  • We can even assign a Project Manager to your relocation project to make your move go as smoothly as possible. These managers can develop a detailed plan of services, a customized time frame to minimize work disruption, and a detailed estimate of services.

    We will address all of your corporate moving services, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

  • Green Van Lines will provide packing services for an additional charge – contact us today for more information on this service. In addition, your relocation coordinator will provide you with free packing guidance upon request.

    Expert Corporate Relocation Service Dallas


Corporate Relocation Tips

Building Accessibility

Building accessibility is of major importance. Our staff will work closely with you to make sure that all entrances and exits are open. Before we start the moving process, our team will ensure that all building interiors (including corridors and stairwells) are made accessible and free from obstructions.

You will need to contact your city government to obtain any applicable permits prior to the move.
Also, you must remain conscious of safety during the packing and unpacking process.
Do not block corridors, hallways, or emergency exit routes with packed boxes.

Building Preparation

Your office items and equipment are not the only things that need protection; our team will properly protect all walls, corners, and floors.

We will utilize door-jamb protectors and rolled cardboard to protect each location pursuant to building guidelines.

By following our specific preparation guidelines, you can help us make your move as easy and efficient as possible.

Preparation of Desks

Remove any trash or “spill-able” items from the desk area. Pack breakable items in a carton with padding.
Remove the contents of each drawer and place them into manila envelopes, then place those back into the drawers.
Make sure to take any valuables with you during the move.

Items not able to fit into envelopes should be put into cartons on top of your desk.
Files/Working Documents should be put into the master file; they should not remain loose in individual desks.

Disconnect all machines from outlets or power sources. Protect all glass items with paper, newsprint, or other appropriate packing material.
(Remember: newspaper rubs off, so be careful what you pack with it.)

Open Me First

We advise that you create an “Open Me First” box. Pack it last, with things that you need until the last moment before the move – as well as with any other materials in the office that you will need first thing in the morning after the move.

Green Van Lines will assist you by placing the box in an easily accessible area within your workstation so that you have it readily available.

Our cartons are easily stackable to ensure an efficient flow of goods, provided they are not over-packed. Lids should be shut down tight, and with secure tape, for easy transit.

By labeling the boxes appropriately, you can help us achieve a faster-paced delivery.

Filing Cabinets, Storage Units, Bookcases:

Lock filing cabinets before the re-location. KEEP FILE KEYS IN A SAFE PLACE. Lateral filing cabinets should be empty except for the two lower drawers. You may keep the contents of vertical filing cabinets intact unless a stair carry is involved.

Supply or storage cabinets must have all contents packed. If the storage unit contains small, loose items, they are more easily organized in envelopes or zip-lock bags. Once you have packed them, simply lock, tape, or tie the doors closed.

Bookcases should be emptied, and the books put into small boxes; do not pack books in large boxes, as these become heavy quite fast. Another good way to transport books is by using book carts if this is something available to you.

Systems, Machines, Modular Furniture

  • Check with your relocation coordinator/model dealer a few weeks in advance, regarding the disassembly and reassembly requirements for your particular model.

  • This relocation process is a great time for you to have your furniture professionally cleaned.

  • It’s a great idea to clean and service machines prior to the move – especially copy machines and postal machines. Be sure to check with the dealer to ensure that they allow moving companies to relocate their copiers without voiding the warranty.

  • Green Van Lines will be sure to pack your office machines, such as typewriters, adding machines, or computer terminals. Disconnect these items completely, and leave them on top of the desk. Our team will wrap all these items with our special padding before transit.

Reliable corporate moving service

Your corporation is growing. The world around us allows any business to take a stand and blossom. Of course, a growing company means increasing responsibilities.

With more employees working under you, and more equipment in the office, you’ll want to consider a larger business space. That’s where we come in. Once you’ve found the perfect location, give us a call!

At Green Van Lines, we’ve helped countless corporations relocate. A corporate move is similar to a residential one but has a much larger scope. It needs a longer planning and preparation phase. Our years of experience mean that we can make sure that everyone is on the same page.

No matter the size of your move, the amount of equipment, or the number of people, we’ll make your corporate move as straightforward as possible. We’re the corporate movers you can trust.

Corporate Movers Checklist

A corporate move benefits from the organization. If you take the time to plan things out and break down the entire process into smaller tasks, things will become much less stressful. Before moving day, you can do the following:

  • Determine a relocation time-frame.
  • Conduct an employee census.
  • Create a moving budget.
  • Inventory all office furniture, supplies, and equipment.
  • Evaluate current workplace systems.
  • Change address and phone number.
  • Order new signage.
  • Notify the post office.
  • Determine off-site storage needs.
  • Obtain individual moving and/or parking permits.
  • Schedule with a professional moving service.

Work your way through this checklist to ensure your corporate move is as smooth as possible. Hiring a professional moving servicing could be your best move.
At Green Van Lines, we have a proven track record of making corporate moves easy.


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What Costs Should Be Covered in a Corporate Relocation

When negotiating with a corporate moving service to handle your company’s upcoming relocation, there are certain costs that should be covered no matter what. Otherwise, you’ll end up getting nickel-and-dimed for every little expense that pops up during the corporate move.

Here are the top three costs you’ll want to make sure are included in your moving service contract. If these costs aren’t there, you’re better off looking for another relocation company.

1. Moving supplies

Regardless of your company’s size, you shouldn’t be responsible for finding and using all of your own moving materials. Boxes, crates, packing tape, scissors, dollies, and other types of moving equipment and supplies should be included in the price you pay for your moving services.

2. Building preparation

 Someone needs to be in charge of preparing the old and the new office spaces for the move. Hire a moving company that follows specific preparation guidelines, and provides services that make things as easy as possible.

3. Complete transportation services

Some companies will transport items from one place to another, then charge you an extra fee to carry the boxes upstairs at the new office space! Others will refuse to carry specific kinds of items or will charge extra if you get stuck in traffic.

You want a moving companies near me that will get your stuff where it needs to be for one price, no matter how many stairs they have to climb, or how many red lights they have to stop for.

If your company is relocating to the Dallas or North Texas area, your best bet is to hire Green Van Lines for the move. Their trained representatives will handle every aspect of the corporate relocation, from bringing moving supplies to preparing the building.

They’ll even equip you with a corporate move checklist and a customized time frame for your move.

Tagging and Marking Guidelines:

  • You MUST provide Green Van Lines with detailed code assignments or floor plans designating floor, room, and piece number. Changes without notification could result in delays, and we want your move to be expedited flawlessly.

  • Bend one corner of the label/sticker back to itself before placing it on the item to be moved. This will ensure easy removal after we have completed the move.
    Each item to be transported must be tagged or clearly marked. Color-coded tags can be made available. Moving labels should be easily understood, and writing must be legible.

  • If furniture may need disassembly for moving, then be sure to tag each piece with the same tag color and information. When placing the moving labels, make sure they are in clearly visible areas.

  • Do not place them directly on fabric. When labeling, be sure to mark on both the top and one end of the box or item, to help our team expedite your move.

  • Personal items of any kind are your responsibility to move. Do not pack any flammables or liquids in cartons. We advise that you find a safe way to discard any flammables such as paint, lighter fluids, solvents, alcohols, or ammunition, as you will not be able to transport these through Green Van Lines.

  • Green Van Lines will take down any wall-hung items, so there is no need to pack them. For more information on corporate moving service, visit our Blog.