Green Initiatives

There was a time when moving companies were thought to be anything but green service providers. Between the fuel consumed by moving vehicles and the waste material created through packing and unpacking, green moving services were far from being a reality. But times have changed, and Green Van Lines is proud to be a pioneer in the development of clean and green moving services for all.

What’s more – the green initiatives we have endorsed do not cost our customers a single extra dime. From our Green Crate Rental Program to our tree-planting program, Green Van Lines’ range of green moving services is designed to make a genuine environmental difference.

When you are searching for a moving company near me, the internet will give you plenty of option to choose from, and If you care about the environment as we do- choose wisely 🙂


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Green Initiatives | Responsible Dallas Movers

At Green Van Lines, we do exactly what our name suggests – provide a greener solution to your moving needs. The green revolution we endorse is changing our industry for the better, through green moving services that truly benefit the environment. We understand the environmental challenges of the twenty-first century, which is why we have embraced several green initiatives.

Our Green Crate Rental Program, for example, allows you to pack and move a large portion of your belongings in reusable plastic crates – thus reducing the need for cardboard boxes. Through this green initiative, you can contribute to a reduction in deforestation. 

Let’s Move for a “Greener” Tomorrow!

Even if you don’t opt for the Green Crate Rental Program, our cardboard boxes are made of recycled material, ensuring that our eco-footprint is kept to a minimum and that your backing for green moving services is guaranteed.

What’s more, many vehicles in our moving fleet use bio-diesel, which is kinder to the environment. We have also invested in hybrid vehicles, which we use for on-site estimations. These vehicles consume less gas and more electricity, which also lessen our carbon footprint. 

But, Green Van Lines is committed to building a cleaner and greener future, too – not just reducing our present impact on the environment. That is why we donate 10 trees for each move that we complete, contributing to the tree-planting program organized by Trees for The Future (

This is a green initiative whose mission is to replace carbon with more oxygen, thereby creating a healthier world for everyone. These may be small (just steps in the scheme of things!) but, at Green Van Lines, we believe that every little contribution to green initiatives everywhere can lead to great change.