Why Choose Us?

When it comes to moving companies, many people think they have three basic choices. Low-priced service companies are easy on the budget, but they are often unreliable or incapable of handling large-scale relocations. 

National companies have substantial resources, but these resources are not cheap. And, some companies are committed to environmentally and otherwise responsible moves, but these companies are few and far between.

At Green Van Lines, we combine all three of the things you are looking for in a moving service company. Because we understand that relocations involve boat directs and indirect expenses, we work hard to keep your costs low. And, as a nationwide company, we have nationwide resources and expertise in various locations. Finally, we are a family-owned company, and “green” is more than a word to us. We do our part to conserve resources and make this world a better place.

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Eco-Friendly Relocations

Both local and long distance relocations consume significant resources, almost regardless of the move’s size. Cardboard boxes and large, diesel-powered trucks are at the heart of most moves. There is no way to eliminate these environmental costs, but there are plenty of ways to reduce them.
So, we encourage customers to use our plastic green crates. Yes, plastic uses the earth’s resources as well. Plastic is also much more durable than cardboard and much easier to reuse. And, our moving agreements encourage customers to either return the crates or retain them for use as storage bins.

That’s much more efficient than optional buyback provisions. For those who prefer do-it-yourself moves, we offer independent crate rental/purchase agreements. So, DIYers can also do their part to make our world a little bit healthier.

As for our fleet of trucks, one day soon, when technology catches up with our values, we plan to replace our existing fleet with more eco-friendly vehicles. We do not plan to pass this cost onto our customers. Responsibility always comes at a price, and that’s a price we are willing to pay. For now, we only use clean diesel fuel which reduces emissions.


Some moving companies offer cookie-cutter relocations. If your circumstances happen to fit into their schedule and their preferences, the move might be a success. But even then, there are no guarantees.
Green Van Lines is different. We are available 24/7/365. If the traditional weekend move does not fit your lifestyle, we are more than willing to accommodate you. Furthermore, we are not satisfied with your move until you are satisfied.

We value service so highly because we value relationships. Most people relocate about a dozen times during their adult lives. So, when you are ready to upsize or downsize, or when you want or need a change of scenery, we want to be your go-to moving company.

Experienced Movers

Hiring the most experienced available movers is only part of what we do at Green Van Lines. We also operate one of the most thorough training programs in the industry. There’s moving, and then there’s moving the Green Van Lines way. 

If new hires are unwilling to go through training or they do not share our values, they have no place on our team.
Our team members might be experienced movers, but they are not experienced, salespeople.


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We never try to sell you extra services when relocation pressures are at their highest. Instead, we offer clear and transparent upfront pricing. 
You know exactly what you will pay, and exactly what you’re getting in return, before our movers knock on your door.
When we measure experience, we use more than a calendar.

If you have ten years of moving experience with ten different companies, that’s usually not a good thing. So, in addition to experience, we also look for commitment and dedication. 
If the mover is not experienced in these areas as well, the partnership will not work. Our team members do not just move boxes.
Speaking of moving boxes, we understand that timing is crucial. So, if we say we will be at a certain place at a certain time, rest assured that we will be there.

Cost-Conscious Movers

We do not promise to be the cheapest available movers. These companies often take shortcuts to reduce costs, and that’s not our style.
On the other hand, we do promise to give you maximum value for your hard-earned dollars. That’s a promise which does not involve shortcuts.

This commitment begins on the front end of a move. Indeed, if there is anyplace to reduce costs, it’s probably before moving day. Our offices are functional and comfortable for both our guests and team members, but they are not luxurious. Furthermore, our team members are always available, but we are never overstaffed.

Moreover, we offer flexible pricing approaches. That could be a per-pound move, an hourly charge, or a flare fee relocation. We go with the pricing model that suits your needs best, and not the one that suits our needs best.
On move day, the right amount of movers come onsight. We do not send too many or too few. Furthermore, because of their experience, our team members know how to reduce your costs. 


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One Stop Shopping

Green Van Lines is not limited to full-service moves, although we focus on such relocations. We also offer a vast array of moving and storage supplies that fit your lifestyle and your values, as well as your budget.

College and university relocations are a good example. Frequently, these small-scale moves do not require a large team of professionals, even for out-of-state moves. But it is very nice, and often essential, to have a helping hand. 

So, in addition to moving and storage supplies that optimize available space, we offer professional relocation advice that really makes a difference.
We do not stop with your physical moving needs. Generally, relocations are either very good experiences or very bad experiences. There is seldom an in-between move. Our combination of dedication, resources, and experience is the best way to ensure that your next move is the best one yet.

Directions to Nearest Branch

Click here to find the Green Van Lines location nearest you. Then, reach out to us online or over the phone and set up a relocation consultation. During this conversation, we carefully review your situation and then offer some possible solutions.
Once we develop a plan of action together, we work hard to execute that plan and fulfil the high expectations you have for us, and the even higher expectations we have for ourselves.
Green Van Lines might have offices across the country, but we are really a network of small moving companies. As a result, no matter how big or small the project, you and your family or your employees get the personal attention you deserve.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.

  • Your Eco-Friendly Movers.
  • Experienced & Services Oriented. 
  • Price Competitive.
  • One-Stop-Shop.

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