How to choose Secure Storage Facility? 

People like you need storage facilities for various reasons. Many homeowners need storage because renovation plans do not always jive with life plans. When an area is being remade, the items inside that area temporarily need to go somewhere else. Many business owners, especially professional service companies, ask the million-dollar question of how to secure your storage facility? And also how to handle old client files? 

All these situations have the same basic needs. Customers need security and convenience. They need to know that their treasured items will be in the same condition they were in when they went into storage. And, customers often need to access stored items at the drop of a hat. Your self-storage near me should respond to these needs.

At Green Van Lines, we are very well-positioned to do more than meet your needs. We have a number of nationwide locations. All of them have the Green Van Lines name. That means a lot to us, and it means a lot to you. Furthermore, as a full-service relocation company, we understand the need for security and convenience more than the other guys. This insight greatly benefits our customers.



Green Van Lines Approach

Each one of our secure storage facility service locations has over 2,000 safe and convenient storage units near me. They come in different sizes to fit different needs and budgets. But our available facilities are just one part of the Green Van Lines story. A relationship is the rest of the story. When you partner with us, we make certain promises to you.

Frugality is a seldom-used word in the relocation services industry. But it’s one of our core values at Green Van Lines. Partially, frugality means making the most of the available resources. When you rent self-storage space and also green carte whether you need it for a few weeks or a few months, we help you maximize the available space. Our secure storage facility customers do not have to fend for themselves. We offer expert advice about the nature and type of space you need for your items.

Additionally, frugality means not wasting money on frivolous extras. There are no oil paintings or water gardens at a Green Van Lines secure storage facility location. Those things cost money, and one way or another, the customer usually pays the price. Instead, Green Van Lines customers find a professional and friendly staff that is laser-focused on your needs.

storage units: the secure way

Like frugality, value has multiple meanings as well. First, value means getting more than what you pay for. At Green Van Lines, your rent includes more than just space. It also includes world-class professional support. The same team members who operate our secure storage facility services locations also often assist in residential and commercial moves. So, they know what you need, and they know how to get things done.

Value also has a more intangible meaning. Some storage companies prioritize customers, mostly by how much they pay and how much business they provide. But at Green Van Lines, we value all our customers equally. Regardless of your needs and commitment level, we are here for you.

Consistency is another one of our core values. No matter which secures storage facility you visit, your experience will be the same. Most people and businesses need remote storage because their lives or operations are in transition. Sometimes, this transition is difficult. The consistency we bring introduces some additional stability to an unstable situation.

That consistency includes more than the services and facilities we provide. When you pick up your items, they will be in the same condition they were before. That’s a guarantee we can back up because Green Van Lines’ secure storage facility services are safe and convenient in ways that exceed industry standards.



How To Secure Your Storage Facility

If you are moving down the block or across the state, secure and convenient storage is always a sound investment. Most people, and most businesses, have more possessions than they can pack. If you want to store some of these goods on a temporary basis, without the hassle of packing and shipping them to your new location, a secure storage facility from Green Van Lines is the best possible solution. Get a free storage quote.

Our safe and convenient storage facilities offer numerous benefits that make a difference to you and your family or business, including:

• Limited Access:

Our highly-secure storage facilities provide security access you can trust, either in the form of an external gate or on-site personnel, to protect your goods around the clock and against all kinds of issues. Because of our experience, we know what security measures work best.

• Lighting:

Easy access to your stored items means 24/7 availability. Whether it’s the middle of the night or otherwise, proper lighting ensures you and your stored items are safe and secure.

• Management:

Every Green Van Lines storage units.
location features experienced, on-site management during business hours. This added safeguard ensures your valuable possessions have a watchful eye over them year-round. Our highly-trained staff also makes your stored items more accessible.

When you take possession of your secure storage facility unit, you can be sure it will be clean and ready for you.




Our Locations

Ft. Lauderdale and Dallas secure storage are two of the fastest-growing communities in the country. They are also two of our regional hubs at Green Van Lines. As a result, we have three secure storage facility locations in the Dallas area and one mega location in Ft. Lauderdale near Pompano Beach. We have other locations throughout the country as well.

We have 50,000 square-feet storage facilities in:

Some storage facilities are locally-owned, but they have limited resources. Other locations are just one part of a large nationwide chain. The management cares little about individual customers. If you are moving your office, check out our tips for office relocation.

At Green Van Lines, you’ll find a combination of both these things. We are focused on customer relationships and we have the resources to back up our promises. That’s a combination few other secure storage facility companies can offer.

Count on us to store your stuff just like it was our own.