Why Should Your Next Move Include Auto Transportation?

You count on your moving company to take care of the valuable possessions in your house. That usually includes items like valuable baseball card collections and antique dishes. The company handles all these items with care and competence. So, why not rely on your moving company to handle the valuable possessions in your garage as well? Professional auto transport is a great way to move your car to your next destination. Are you attempting to decide whether you need auto transportation? 

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What is auto transportation?

In a bygone era, vehicle Transportation usually represented independence and freedom. That’s still true in some cases. But to most people, despite what TV commercials imply, a vehicle is basically just a means of getting from Point A to Point B.


That rethinking means more people than ever before considering vehicle relocation an important part of the move experience. In response to this increased demand, at Green Van Lines, we have significantly improved our already industry-leading vehicle relocation methods. 

Now more than ever, you can count on Green Van Lines to transport all your possessions, including the ones which could technically transport themselves.


The Green Van Lines Difference

Any relocation is a massive undertaking, regardless of the distance. At Green Van Lines, we have the resources and experience to handle these efforts. The professional team that arrives at your door is more than a couple of guys and a truck. All team members have considerable industry experience. They know how to safely and effectively handle your valuable possessions, including the family car.

Furthermore, “Green” is more than part of our name. It’s also part of our business model. We do our part to reduce waste and emissions. We pack with reusable moving crates instead of disposable cardboard boxes. And, our moving trucks run on efficient bio-diesel engines. These engines also reduce carbon emissions.

Relocating your vehicle is part of that mission. Any time we can take a vehicle off the road, our dedication to the environment prompts us to take advantage of that opportunity even for a few minutes.

Finally, our relocation teams are fully bonded and insured. If something goes wrong, you can count on us to make it right, from a practical and financial standpoint. That guarantee applies to all your possessions, including the family car.


Convenient and Secure Auto Transportation Options

Security and convenience require a balance. It’s convenient to attach your car to a trailer hitch, but that’s not always the most secure option. A separate flatbed trailer is usually the most secure option. But it might not be the most convenient one.

So, we offer a range of vehicle relocation solutions, such as:

  • Hook and Chain: For many years, this method was the industry standard for auto transportation. But the hook and chain strain the vehicle’s structure. So, this method isn’t used much anymore, unless the vehicle is a project car or otherwise not running.

  • Wheel Lift: Simple changes often make a big difference. In this area, replacing the hook and chain with a metal yoke almost eliminates structural strain. As a bonus, wheel lift Auto transportation is almost as inexpensive as hook and chain towing.

  • Flatbed Trailer: Our most popular vehicle relocation option can handle over 5,000 pounds of weight. Its features include automatic brakes, tilt-out fenders that make your vehicle accessible while it’s on the trailer, and an easy-load ramp. This method also works well for moving boats and other non-car vehicles.


How much an Auto Transportation cost?

When our team evaluates your moving needs and options, we include vehicle relocation alternatives. You can go to this shipping calculator to get more info.
Speaking of options, if you need a place to store your vehicle, we are there for you. We offer several storage solutions, including garage-size storage units. These units have the same combination of convenience and security as our vehicle relocation services.

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Reduced Wear and Tear

There are no two ways about it. Moving is hard on your things and hard on you. Any movers who promise a “stress-free relocation” are either inexperienced or telling you what you want to hear. So, if there’s a way to safely reduce that wear and tear, it’s usually best to take advantage of that chance. Vehicle relocation reduces wear and tear on your things and wear and tear on yourself.

Auto Transportation Service

All vehicles have finite lifespans. Furthermore, the higher the odometer goes, the more issues a vehicle encounters. Do you really want to reduce your vehicle’s usable life simply to get it from one place to another? Isn’t it a much better idea to eliminate that wear and tear with a Green Van Lines vehicle relocation?

There’s also the ever-present danger of an accident. This danger increases when people drive in unfamiliar territory.

Perhaps more importantly, vehicle relocation reduces wear and tear on individuals. Moving is an extremely emotional time. The combination of worry, excitement and other emotions is almost overwhelming at times. Green Van Lines’ vehicle relocation service gives you additional peace of mind at a time when it’s in very short supply.

Here are some questions to ask your moving company:

Questions to Ask when you do Auto Transportation

1)     What car-shipping services do you offer? Ask your moving company all about their process and services to ensure that you’re making a well-informed decision when it comes to auto transport.

2)     How long will the process take? It’s crucial to ask how long the shipping process will take. Generally speaking, the process usually takes about a week. If you’ll need your car before then, then auto transport may not be your best option.

3)     What happens if your car is damaged? First of all, inspect your vehicle before it is shipped. This is done so that you can ensure your car does not get damaged during the process of moving.

Preparing Your Vehicle

And, if you’re preparing to ship your vehicle, here are some tips to help guide you through the process:

  1. Ensure that you’ve removed ALL personal items out of the car before it’s scheduled to be transported.
  2. Properly document the condition of your car before you ship it. Take pictures of your vehicle from every angle.
  3. Ensure that your car is in good condition for the road — check your tires, oil, battery, etc.


Contact Green Van Lines Today

For successful relocation of your vehicle and other important items, there’s only one option that makes the most sense – HIRE a professional mover! There really is no other way. If you want to ensure that your belongings stay safe and in proper condition, hiring a professional moving company is the best decision you could make. Do you have questions about why you might need auto transportation? Contact Green Van Lines today for more info! We’re always happy to help.

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