Treat Yourself After a Big Move

Treat Yourself After a Big MoveThere is such a thing as ‘relocation depression’. It is a common side-effect of relocating – packing your entire belongings and shifting your life to a new location. For some, it’s just a feeling of sadness. To others, it can be much worse. A feeling of dread and confusion. As such, after a big move, it’s important to reward yourself. The work is done. You’re now settled into your new house or apartment, so take a moment to enjoy the new space. You could invite a few friends over, splurge on a pizza night, or binge a new show and lounge the entire weekend. Whatever floats your boat!

Focus on Yourself

Unsurprisingly, the primary focus has been on the move itself and all its packing and tasks. Even if you’re unwinding after a long day at work, your thoughts were usually on the upcoming move. But it’s over now. You’re home. It’s time to focus the attention back on yourself or your family.

The unpacking process can wait. All those cardboard boxes aren’t going anywhere over the course of a single weekend. It’s time for you to order a pizza or Chinese food, lounge on the couch in pajamas, and enjoy yourself a little.

Go to the Theater

Yes, you want to enjoy your new home. All of that work went into buying and moving into the new property. But it was so much work. You should reward yourself by getting out for a bit.

Before the big move, you were likely scrounging every penny. You skipped going to any big releases at the theater. So, consider going to see a movie. At the theater, you can shut off your mind and worries, enjoy the film, and take a few hours to yourself.

Throw a Housewarming Party

Or, if you’re a people person, consider throwing a housewarming party. A few close friends, some good drinks, fantastic food, and your new living space. It’s the recipe for a memorable party.

But the idea of planning and organizing a party can be worrying, too. Don’t plan. Just call some friends or family, invite them over, and see where the night takes you!

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