Are You Suffering from Relocation Depression?

Relocation Depression


People often say that moving is one of the most stressful experiences of your lifetime. It can be at times. However, knowing what you are getting into, and planning appropriately, can make a world of difference. Still, there are times when relocation depression set in. Then, you need something more. Something above and beyond. When we move, we often leave behind many friends and family. The overwhelming act of relocation can take its toll. The good news is there are ways to overcome relocation depression.


First, let us explore the symptoms of relocation depression. When it comes to moving, there are so many tasks on your plate. It can be easy to ignore the signs of depression as they mix with everything else.

  • Lethargy – It’s normal to sleep like a baby after a big move. However, if you’ve found yourself sleeping more than normal, or are constantly tired, you may have relocation depression.
  • Anxiety – Moving brings about anxiety. However, increased anxiety is often a sure sign of depression. It’s natural to feel anxious about a new place. Do not let it grow out of control, though.
  • Withdrawing – If you find yourself withdrawing from everyone and everything after the move, chances are depression is setting in. You know yourself and your social habits; be wary of withdrawing too far.

Beating Relocation Depression

There are a few unique ways in which you can beat relocation depression, such as:

  1. Community – Get involved with your local community by attending local events or signing up for classes in the area.
  2. Reach Out – Just because you moved doesn’t mean your friends and family don’t want to hear from you on occasion. Reach out and have a conversation!
  3. Routine – You’re in a new place. Find yourself a new routine. Go for a walk in the neighborhood, visit a local café, or read a good book on the porch each evening.

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