Top Warning Signs of a Moving Scam

Top Warning Signs of a Moving ScamMoving is stressful enough. You don’t need a scam to make your life even more hectic. Unfortunately, there are individuals out there, even companies, preying upon families looking to relocate. These scam artists actively seek out overwhelmed individuals and families. It is disheartening and sickening. Here at Green Van Lines, we hope to educate new movers. We want you to avoid moving scams. Here are the top signs of a moving scam.


Regarding payment, there are two primary factors that indicate a scam: a large down payment and cash-only payments. With a large down payment of greater than 20 percent, chances are the company is going to disappear overnight. Reputable moving companies will ask for 20 percent or less. Even they even ask for a down payment. Most moving companies do not.

Regarding cash-only payments, moving companies typically accept credit and debit cards. Using plastic can protect you from a scam, which is why so many scammers request cash. It cannot be traced.

Low Rates

A too-low rate is subject to scrutiny. You’re hiring a professional moving service. These are experts who require payment for their abilities and services. A low rate indicates a scam in which the price may likely double just before your big day. You’ll be unable to find someone on short notice, therefore forced to pay the increased price.

No Contact Information

A reputable moving company needs a facility. With equipment, vehicles, moving supplies, and an entire team, some sort of office is a requirement. Any moving company that has no address or physical office is shady. It’s a good idea to check any given address to determine whether it is a business or a home address. The latter should be scrutinized greatly.

Avoid common moving scams by hiring a reputable moving company. Call Green Van Lines at 888-770-4733!