Storage Facility in Dallas TX

Storage Facility Dallas Tx

At Green Van Lines, a good majority of our clients require a reliable storage facility for their household items during a lengthy relocation. Our storage facilities in Dallas are capable of holding your items long term in a safe, secure environment. On top of said storage facilities, our professional moving team will load each item onto our bio-diesel trucks before bringing them to the facility. Our moving teams are trained to pack and unload goods to minimize any potential damage carefully.

Whatever Your Storage Needs, We’ve Got You Covered

Our storage facilities feature over 2,000 clean, spacious rooms for your most prized possessions. Each unit is climate-controlled and dust-controlled, which means your goods are kept safe from the elements.

We have 220,000 square-feet storage facilities in:

On top of being safe and secure, we take extra special care to wrap, box, and fully protect fragile or precious goods. This includes art, antiques, books, and relevant documents that require special handling. We know how important such items are to families and businesses.

Storage Management

Each one of our storage facilities is managed by a team of professionals who take the utmost care with your items. We strive to ensure your goods are kept secure from theft and any potential damages. With this goal in mind, we feature on-site security 24 hours per day, seven days a week, including gates and roaming units. Each storage unit is kept updated and clean, ensuring our customers are happy with the premises and their items.

Contact Us

If you would like to rent a storage unit for the foreseeable future, call Green Van Lines today at 214-269-7611. We would be happy to set you up with a sizeable unit to hold all of your prized possessions and goods.