How to Prepare for an International Move

The idea of moving to a foreign country can be more than a little terrifying. There are so many things to consider before packing up and heading out: Where will you live? How will you work? What can you expect from this new environment International Move?

To help your international move preparation go a little smoother, here are four steps you absolutely must take before you even hire your moving company.

Research Your New Destination

The more you know about your future home, the easier it will be to prepare for your move and adjust once you’re there. Attempt to learn as much as you can about the new area, including how their finances work, how road etiquette differs, accessibility to necessary supplies, and what traditions you need to know about.

Brush Up on the Local Language and Customs

Before you even arrive in the new country, you’ll need to communicate with locals to schedule pickups and figure out what your next steps are. Therefore, it pays to familiarize yourself with the local language. You’ll also want to figure out how people dress and act so that you do not make any unsettling mistakes as soon as you arrive.

Get ALL of Your Documents in Order

This is one of the most important parts of any international move, and it’s one that many people put off until the last minute. You need to know where each and every one of your important records is, including your birth certificate, passport, VISA, marriage certificate, medical documents, and any other items that are difficult to replace.

Make Sure Your Finances Are Ready for the Move

You’ll need to figure out what bank you’ll be using while you’re abroad. You might also need to alert your credit card companies to your upcoming travels so that they do not put a hold on your account when you try to spend money in a new location. After all, you’ll need to have access to all of your funds once you move, so triple-check to ensure that everything is good to go.

The easiest way to prepare for an international move? Hire a company like Green Van Lines to walk you through the entire process. Their trained movers will help you prepare for every part of your relocation. To learn more or speak with a company representative, give them a call at 888-770-4733.

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