How to Pack Your Flat-Screen Television for the Move

How to Pack Your Flat-Screen Television

Your television was likely an investment. Electronics of any kind are not cheap these days. Good, flat-screen television can cost hundreds of dollars, if not more. As such, it makes sense to take precautions when moving. You want to protect your television. So, packing your TV should not be a rush job. Avoid common mistakes that come with moving and safely pack and transport your television to its new home.


Television is more than just a screen. You have other components, such as wiring and remotes, that go alongside the unit. Label the various cables using colored electrical tape, which is easily removed, to identify what goes where. Your first instinct may be to pack all the cables with your television. However, consider putting the cables inside a separate box or bag. They may shift and scratch your television screen.

Next, before we dive into the packing process, consider cleaning your television thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth. Shifting dust particles inside a packing box can scratch the screen or clog electronics.

Packing Flat-Screen Television

Now, the time has come to pack the entire system.

  • Use an appropriate box for packing a television. If you have the original box and protective foam, then use it. Otherwise, purchase a heavy-duty moving box designed for electronics and televisions.
  • Cover the television. If you have the original dust cover, slide it over the TV. Otherwise, a soft blanket without any buttons or zippers is ideal.
  • Keep the television upright. Once you wrap the television, slide it directly into the box vertically. Make a note on the outside of the box as to which direction is up.
  • Label and secure the box. Add packing material to the sides and top of the television, then seal it all with packing tape thoroughly. Write “fragile” on the box, too.

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