Take a good look at your home. You’ll likely notice heirloom china, glassware, and fragile lamps make up a good chunk of your possessions. You may also have a pile of moving boxes tucked in the corner for the big day. Can you combine the two? Well, if you want to arrive at your new home without a broken mess of glass pouring out of a crate, take a moment to read further!

Packing Supplies You’ll Require

When preparing to pack fragile items or glassware, don’t overthink things. Packing fragile items is simple and straightforward. You’ll need a few supplies, though:

  • Packing boxes.
  • Tape – standard packing tape works well.
  • Wrapping paper (not for Christmas). Recycled paper works.
  • Bubble wrap.
  • Packaging materials – foam peanuts, pellets, or other fillers.

Packing Fragile Items

Much of your glassware or fragile items are packaged the same Some require a slightly different approach. For the most part, follow this technique:

  • Wrap each fragile item in a single layer of paper, then multiple layers of your bubble wrap. Secure the entire wrapping with tape.
  • Prepare your moving box with a layer of packing materials along the bottom.
  • Carefully place each fragile item or glassware, now fully wrapped, in the box. Fill all remaining space with tightly-packed foam materials.
  •  Seal the box with tape, then give it a small shake to ensure there is no excess movement within. If you experience movement, open the box and add more packing materials. Use some strips of tape to seal the packing box adequately.

With your fragile items and glassware securely packed, you’re now one step closer to the big move date. Make your relocation a breeze with Green Van Lines. We offer experienced moving services and packing materials; just call 888-770-4733!