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The Sooner State is a crossroads state. Most Oklahomans live in the Oklahoma City-Tulsa region. If you proceed due north, you will not find a larger urban area in the United States. 
Oklahoma is also at the crossroads of three of the nine cultural areas in North America (Mexiamerica, Dixie, and the Breadbasket) and three of the continent’s major geographic regions (interior highlands, cross timbers, and Great Plains). Furthermore, Oklahomans speak more than three dozen non-English, mostly Native American, languages. 

Moreover, Oklahoma has a very diverse economy. Along with oil, natural gas, and agricultural products, the state’s economic base includes energy, telecommunications, aviation, and biotechnology. 
All these cultural and economic diversity makes Oklahoma a very attractive place for your family and/or business.


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A partnership with Green Van Lines is an excellent way to make your relocation a successful one. Our experienced team of local Oklahoma movers knows what it takes to ensure that your move is as seamless as possible. That being said, all relocations involve unexpected challenges. Rest assured that our experienced professionals know how to anticipate and overcome these challenges.

Local Oklahoma Movers

Oklahoma is a land of transitions, including the transition from fast-paced urban life to slow-paced rural life, or vice versa. In addition to Oklahoma City and Tulsa, other large or medium-sized cities in Oklahoma include Norman, Moore, Edmond, and Lawton. Much of the rest of the state, especially west of Oklahoma City, is a largely open country.

The experienced movers at Green Van Lines understand that a local move might cover a short distance on a map, but it could cover a great distance from a cultural standpoint. So, we do more than safely deliver goods. We take the extra step and help your family or business adapt to its new surroundings. That could be advice about the quality of local schools or where to find the best take-out pizza.

All our local moves come with our twin commitments to cost control and resource conservation. Our experience plays a role in both these areas. Because we have seen it all, we know how to limit expenses without sacrificing service. We also know what tools a job requires, and what tools are unnecessary.

Packing of your goods

The packing of your goods is done in a very professional manner. The use of paper or plastic bags to pack your goods is generally avoided. First, an itemized list of all your goods that are to be moved and packed is prepared, to ensure that nothing will be left behind. Your goods are then loaded on a truck in such a manner that they do not get damaged. Extra care and attention are given when it comes to packing your fragile items, such as lamps, computers, DVD’s, etc.

There are various other services that are provided by us – such as Oklahoma (OK) car carries and Oklahoma transportation services, Oklahoma air and sea cargo services, Oklahoma insurance services, Oklahoma warehousing services, Oklahoma apartment moving services, Oklahoma furniture moving services, Oklahoma office moving services, Oklahoma building movers, etc.


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Long Distance Movers (from Oklahoma)

Oklahoma has a diversity that’s matched only in places like New York and a few other locales around the country. To fully appreciate this diversity, you need to see it firsthand. That could mean a long-distance move from another part of the country.

Some moving companies shy away from such relocations or farm them out to other companies. But at Green Van Lines, our team has the experience and wherewithal to handle such relocations, regardless of their size or scope. Our experience helps us take care of important details, like the route with the least traffic.

Furthermore, since we are a nationwide company with multiple locations, wherever you are coming from, there is probably a Green Van Lines location near you.

Oklahoma is usually a culture shock, especially for foreign students coming to study at OU, OSU, or another institution in the state. Once again, we help ease this cultural transition and help you be more comfortable in your new digs.

Oklahoma Vehicle Moves

Long-distance moves often include vehicle moves. Long trips place unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle, and unnecessary wear and tear on yourself. We reduce the stress on both people and machines during relocations to Oklahoma.

Many local moves also involve vehicle relocations. It’s not very safe to drive with one eye on the wheel and one eye on a GPS navigation device. It’s best to leave the driving to experienced professionals. We are bonded and insured against all losses, including unlikely damage to your vehicle.

Commercial Relocations

Oklahoma’s diverse economy and growing population attract many small and large businesses.

Some common relocations include:

Office: Financial and legal professionals constitute most of our office moves. We efficiently relocate furniture and fixtures, as well as sensitive client data.

Restaurant: Foodservice moves are quite intricate, mostly because of the shifting nature of local health and zoning laws. The experienced Green Van Lines team is very aware of these different requirements.

Laboratory: Medical and scientific labs usually include very sensitive equipment. Improper handling can lead to unreliable results. That’s why you need the most experienced Oklahoma movers.
It does not matter if your business has hundreds of employees or is little more than an owner and a laptop. No job is too big and no job is too small. We approach them all with the same professionalism.

Reliable Movers Oklahoma

Residential Moves

When we move a residence from one place to another, we are moving more than items inboxes. We are moving lives. Only experienced moving professionals truly appreciate the difference. Since our team members take pride in their Oklahoma communities, we are well-positioned to provide the kind of services your family truly needs.

Like commercial moves, residential moves come in all sizes. Whether you are moving to a one-bedroom apartment or the Playboy Mansion, you can trust our team to safely and securely relocate your family. If you need additional services, like moving supplies or storage spaces, we stand ready to help.

Corporate HQ Relocations

The aforementioned diverse economic base in Oklahoma attracts many corporate headquarters in areas like telecommunications, energy production, healthcare, and research. There are already many such corporate headquarters in Oklahoma, but there is still room for more.

Our experienced team knows how to relocate your equipment and team members. We also know how to get you up and running as quickly as possible. That reduced downtime means more profitability time.

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