Moving To New York (in 2021)

Perhaps more so than any other state in the country, New York is extremely diverse. Over eight million people live in New York City. The second-largest city in New York in Buffalo, a city that is not much bigger than Garland and some other Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs.

Speaking of moving to New York City, the Big Apple is the largest entry point in the United States for overseas immigrants. So, New York City is more of an amalgamation of many small ethnic neighborhoods than it is a large city.

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New York is geographically diverse as well. New York City is on a flat coastal plain. Parts of upstate New York feature rugged mountain ranges which are part of the sprawling Appalachian chain. Central New York is a lake country and a popular tourist destination. We specialize in all types of moving services to suit your needs. Our movers in New York are highly trained and experienced when it comes to transporting goods.

At Green Van Lines, our experienced professionals are ready and willing to relocate your family or business across the street or across the state. Unlike some other moving companies, Green Van Lines insists on a rigorous training program for all team members. There are moving things, and there are moving things the Green Van Lines way. If a potential team member does not share our vision, including our commitment to environmental quality, the partnership will not benefit our customers. And that’s what it’s all about.

Residential Moves to New York 

As mentioned, New York consists of several different regions, each with its own distinctive flair. So, whatever environment is best for your family, you will find a home in New York. 
Whether you are moving from NYC to a small Manhattan apartment or a sprawling upstate property in a rural area, the experienced Green Van Lines team is here to help. That could mean navigating through the crowded streets of the Big Apple or transporting your family’s goods over a long distance. 

Our experience makes a difference. No relocation goes exactly as planned. The experienced Green Van Lines team has seen it all before. That experience helps us deal with, and overcome, the challenges that come up during your relocation.
Once you are settled into your new home, if you need additional storage space, we provide it. We want to build relationships with customers. That’s why we offer such a wide variety of services.

Corporate HQ Relocations NYC

New York City is widely regarded as one of the most important commercial centers not only in the country but in the entire world. That thriving commercial environment spills over into other areas of the state as well. These facts, along with New York’s diversity, make The Empire State an excellent location for your next corporate headquarters.

That headquarters could be in a towering skyscraper, a sprawling fulfillment-like center, or a spare bedroom. Our team is highly experienced in all these moves. No relocation is too big for a company with resources like ours. At the same time, no corporate headquarters move is too small for us to enthusiastically undertake.

All these relocations come with the same Green Van Lines commitments to cost reduction, overall efficiency, and environmental preservation. We provide a varied range of services to our customers.

Some of the services that we provide are the following:

Commercial Relocations

In the 1600s and 1700s, American immigrants based most colonies on religious preference or a similar ideal. But New York was a commercial colony right from the start. Immigrants came to what later became The Empire State in order to make money. That same financial environment persists to this day.

The result is a very business-friendly government that also respects individual rights. That’s a somewhat rare combination.
New York is a diverse state which wants, and needs, a diverse array of businesses.

So, at Green Van Lines, our New York movers are experienced in all kinds of moves, including:

Offices: Professional offices, such as lawyers and accountants, dominate this sector. Today’s offices are less like nests and more like staging areas. At Green Van Lines, our experienced team appreciates the different dynamics.

Healthcare: Doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals have many different needs. These relocations normally involve large, expensive equipment. Our experienced Green Van Lines movers always give these items the care and attention they deserve.

Restaurants: From neighborhood delis on city streets to sprawling upstate chain restaurants, food service relocations must respect state and local laws. That includes written and unwritten laws. Our movers leave nothing to chance because as local movers, they are familiar with all these nuances.
We normally assign teams based not only on size and location but also on the nature of the commercial relocation. In other words, we put our experience to work for you.

Local New York Moves

A local move might cover only a short distance. But in a diverse place like New York, a move to the other end of town might be more like a move to the other end of the Solar System. Some movers in NYC do not fully appreciate this dynamic, so they take shortcuts during local moves. But not us.

Our reusable moving crates are an important part of our local New York moves. These crates virtually eliminate the need for resource-wasting cardboard boxes. When your Local moving company new york NY is finished, the crates can be repurposed as modular storage units or returned to us for reuse in another relocation.

Long Distance Moves

In New York, a completely different way of life for your family or business is usually only about two hours away by car. By their very nature, these long distance relocations have many moving parts. So, you should only work with the most highly experienced moving to the new york team.

In addition to our green moving crates, our long distance relocations feature some of the most energy-efficient trucks on the planet. These trucks help us transport your goods safely and securely while we minimize resource consumption.


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Vehicle Moves to/ from NYC

Many of our long distance relocations also involve vehicle moves. This service keeps unnecessary vehicles off New York freeways and reduces wear and tear on your vehicle. Everybody wins.
Many city-dwellers do not have their own cars. So, we offer direct transportation services from a dealer to your new home. That’s just one of the many innovative solutions we offer at Green Van Lines. We want to be your New York moving company of choice many years into the future.

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Click here to find the Green Van Lines location nearest you. Our experienced team is standing by to help you. During your NY moving consultation, we carefully lay out all your options, so you can make the best possible choices.

New York Office Moving Services

We offer specialized and economic office moving services. Our New York movers utilize special cartons and packaging materials for moving the essential office items such as computers, official files, furniture, etc.

New York Apartment Moving Services 

We also provide economic and reliable apartment moving services to our customers all over America. We take extra care to prevent any sort of damage.

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