Hiring a long-distance mover isn’t exactly the same as paying your local commercial movers to handle a hop across town. Long-distance relocations are often more stressful and complicated, so you need to know that you’re hiring a company that’s equipped for the job.

When looking for a long-distance moving company, here’s what you need to pay attention to.

  • Do they have proper insurance? When your belongings are being transported across great distances, the chances that something will go wrong increase. Therefore, you’ll want to know beyond a doubt that your moving company is properly insured against both theft and damage.
  • Have they conducted many long-distance moves before? Just because a moving company has plenty of reviews doesn’t mean they’re equipped to handle your long-distance relocation. Ask about their experience with moves across states to make sure that they really know their stuff.
  • How does their rate factor into your budget? Obviously, you have probably planned to spend a certain amount on movers. You’ll need to ask about all the potential fees and additional costs, so that you’ll be certain you can afford the company’s services.
  • Do they require that you pay in cash? If the movers ask for a large cash deposit prior to the move, recognize it for the red flag that it is. Legitimate movers won’t ask this, so it’s a sign that you’re being roped into a scam.
  • Can they give you a written estimate and proper documentation? Movers that only give estimates over the phone and can’t offer you proper documentation are a no-go. Go with a company that presents everything on paper in a professional manner.

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