Moving is an expensive process, no matter how you spin it. However, you can soften the financial blow substantially by doing your research beforehand and coming up with a comprehensive budget. As you consider different moving companies and prices, here are some monetary aspects to keep in mind.

Long-Distance Moves Are Pricier

It seems only logical to assume that a cross-country move is going to cost more than a quick jump across town. Every additional mile that you travel is going to increase the overall price of your move, so consider that and expect an higher rate when hiring professional help.

Most Movers Charge Per Hour

More often than not, you’ll need to budget for a certain amount of time because moving companies charge per hour. Therefore, if you think you can accomplish the move quickly, it might be a couple hundred of dollars. If the move will take all day or even multiple days, you’ll probably be looking at a larger number.

The Bigger Your Home Is, the More Expensive the Move Will Be

A studio apartment generally costs less than $300 to pack up and move, but a large home with multiple bedrooms may cost $1,500 or more. More rooms mean more stuff and more hands needed to carry boxes, so it makes sense that the price increases.

There Could Be Additional Fees

Some movers charge extra to move boxes up and down flights of stairs. Others refuse to move items like alcohol or awkward pieces of furniture. Depending on the company you hire, you may have to budget a little extra money for these unexpected expenses when moving.

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