How To Avoid Hidden Charges When Moving

Hiring a moving company can save you a lot of time and energy, especially if it is well-reviewed and trustworthy. However, even the best moving companies sometimes come with hidden fees that can take you by surprise.

Do yourself a favor and know what questions you should ask upfront so that you can steer clear of any unexpected costs.

Does the Company Charge for Packing Materials and Supplies?

If the moving company will be packing your belongings for you, you’ll want to ask about the additional costs for boxes, tape, and other necessary supplies they will bring along.

Even if you plan on boxing up items yourself,  you need to pay attention to charges when moving- the company might charge you a fee for the extra supplies they will provide on moving day. If the company does plan to bill you for the supplies, ask if you can use your own and save a little money.

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Will the Company Movers Carry Your Belongings Up the Stairs for Free?

Some moving companies will tack on extra fees if they will be required to carry a lot of items up and downstairs. Talk to them about how far and how much they’re willing to carry ahead of time, so that you aren’t surprised when they ask for more money to climb the stairs to your new third-floor apartment.

Can You Pay With a Credit Card Without Any Extra Fees?

Just like many stores, some companies will charge you a little extra if you want to use a credit card. Talk to them in advance to see if you can work around that fee. If the company asks for a large cash deposit, it’s smart to feel a little skeptical. Try to find a reputable company, that will allow you to charge the fee on your card or write a check.


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