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If your business or family is contemplating a move to Fort Lauderdale or another Florida city, you are certainly not alone. The Sunshine State is already the third-largest state in the Union by population, and it is still growing steadily. The growth is not just demographic. If movers Florida were an independent country, it would have the 16th-largest economy in the world. A variety of factors, such as the country’s longest coastline and one of the country’s most diversified economies, drive this growth.

Values like hard work and thrift are the bedrock of Florida’s residential and commercial sectors. Both families and businesses believe in hard work and aphorisms like a penny saved is a penny earned. Moving services expenses can break even the most carefully crafted budgets. The direct costs could be thousands of dollars, even for a local move. The indirect costs could add thousands more to the total.

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Experienced Movers Florida

Green Van Lines is not the cheapest Florida mover, and we are proud of that fact. Relocation companies that offer extremely low prices usually cut corners and offer nothing else. Rather, our experienced professional team knows how to deliver top value for your dollar. Over the years, we have developed proven methods that reduce our expenses. We don’t pocket the difference. Instead, we pass the savings along to our customers.

Relocating Your Family to Florida

Living in Florida is not quite like living in a giant playground, but it is close. Almost regardless of your location, a new entertainment venue that has something to offer the entire family is probably within easy driving distance. At the same time, Floridians are very businesslike people. The state has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. That combination consistently draws families to Florida from other parts of the Southeast.

Regardless of the reasons for the move, uprooting your family and traveling to a new location is always a frightening and expensive endeavor. The expenses are both financial and emotional. At Green Van Lines, we remove the uncertainty and the high cost of residential relocations. Our upfront pricing plans and extensive pre-location preparation give you additional peace of mind. And, reducing costs is one of our core values. An efficient Green Van Lines move never includes frivolous extras that, directly or indirectly, customers pay for.

Florida Relocating Your Corporate HQ 

With offices in Lakeland, supermarket chain Publix is the largest corporate headquarters in Florida. Other large corporations include Carnival, Genesis, Bloomin’ Brands, and Darden Restaurants. Of course, most of the corporate headquarters in Florida are much smaller. Instead of a sprawling campus, they might only occupy a single floor of an office building or even a single suite in the building.

No matter the size, the cost is always a concern for relocating corporations. The more they can reduce these costs, the better they can serve their customers and shareholders.
At Green Van Lines, we stand for reduced costs and more. Like many large and small Florida corporations, we care about our environment. For example, for every relocation we complete, we plant ten trees. We are doing our part to make our world a better place. What are you doing?

Business Relocation

If you want to take advantage of Florida’s thriving economy, now is the time to plan your relocation to the Sunshine State. Florida’s diverse population means there is a steady demand for all kinds of goods, professional services, and non-professional services.

Some of the most successful businesses in Florida include:

  • Healthcare: Florida has one of the oldest populations in the country. As a result, there is an outsized demand for many health services. Facilities from large regional hospitals to small neighborhood clinics usually find a strong patient base in Florida.
  • Hospitality: Florida’s 1,350 miles of coastline, along with destinations like Disney World, attracts over a hundred twenty million visitors a year. All these people must stay somewhere, from large hotels to small Airbnb rentals.
  • Restaurants: The thousands of county and municipal governments in Florida all have their own sets of zoning and health laws. These laws directly affect foodservice businesses. The experienced Green Van Lines team is always on top of these changing laws, so our customers do not experience unwanted surprises.

Commercial relocations often go hand in hand with corporate hq moves. The experienced Florida movers at Green Van Lines can handle all aspects of your commercial relocation.

Short Distance Relocations

Most of our Florida moves cover less than one hundred miles. Some people move relatively short distances to be closer to work. Others move to be closer, or further away from, family. Likewise, some businesses move to be closer to their customers. Others move because they are upsizing or downsizing. Although these moves might not look big on a map, they are always huge to your business or family.

At Green Van Lines, we understand that all relations are major relocations. You could move across the block or across the country, and the emotional effect is largely the same. So, we treat all our customers the same.

Speaking of upsizing or downsizing, if your relocation involves offsite storage, that’s not a problem for us. We offer convenient and secure storage solutions. And, if your relocation includes a side trip to a storage facility, that’s usually included in the price.

Experienced Movers Florida

Long Distance Movers Florida

Frequently, people associate long distance moves with wasted resources. We are highly conscious of our carbon footprint. That’s why we use bio-diesel trucks. These vehicles are highly efficient, from an economic and ecological perspective. That combination helps us meet two of our core values at once. We reduce costs while we preserve our environment.

Florida has a relatively small native population. Most of the residents were born someplace else. So, if your business or family relocates to Florida from another part of the country, you are certainly not alone.

Relocating Your Vehicle to Florida

Our commitment to efficiency usually includes vehicle relocations. It’s much more efficient, for you and for us, to transport your car, truck, or SUV along with the rest of your goods. That additional service reduces wear and tear on your vehicle. It also reduces wear and tears on yourself.

At Green Van Lines, we only offer safe and secure vehicle move solutions. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all trailer hitch, we carefully plan this part of your relocation, just like we carefully plan everything else.

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