Cheap Packing Methods for Your Next Move

Cheap Packing Methods for Your Next MoveSo, the time has finally come. You’re packing all your worldly possessions into cardboard boxes, loading each one on a moving truck, and heading off to new pastures. You just bought a new home; it’s like a new adventure in a whole new city. Even with the thrill of the move, you have a conscious mind to save some money along the way. We’re right there with you. Here are a few cheap packing methods for your next move. They should help bigtime!

Free Moving Supplies

Believe it or not, you can acquire free moving boxes for your upcoming move. Take a look around your local community for used boxes that people may no longer want. There are even local businesses willing to give away their cardboard boxes from inventory shipments. If you ask kindly, you could receive all you need for free.

Using Old Clothing

If you’ve been shopping around for packing supplies, then you have likely learned that bubble wrap can get expensive in large quantities. A cheaper alternative is to use your old clothing. Any delicate items, such as silverware, picture frames, or ceramics, can be easily wrapped in old articles of clothing. Line the cardboard box with a sweater or pajama pants, then pack everything inside carefully.

Store-Bought Balloons

If you take a trip to the local dollar store, you’ll find countless packs of party balloons ready for someone to blow up. Besides being a party favor, these balloons work well as packing material. You can partially inflate each one, which will take some time, mind you, and fill the box you’re loading.

Choosing Your Date

Moving on the “wrong” date can actually cost you quite a bit of money. During the summer, for instance, most moving companies are booked full. As such, they tend to charge more money for their time. During the winter and early spring, however, you can save money on moving charges.

Friends and Family

Many moving services also offer packing services. It is a convenient solution for when you have little time on your hands. However, instead of paying for professional service, although quite advisable, you could enlist a few friends or family members to help you pack everything.

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