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Our Storage Facilities

At Green Van Lines, many of our clients need a reliable storage facility in Dallas in addition to their professional moving requirements. Whether you need to store your belongings long term, or if you’re looking for a reliable location to keep your items temporarily, we’ve got the ideal location for your storage needs!

Storage Facilities Dallas and Surronding Areas

Here’s why our storage facilities in Dallas would make a great home for your goods:
Our rooms are clean and private
  • Our facilities are state-of-the-art, with over 2,000 clean, spacious, private rooms. They are climate-controlled and dust-controlled. They’re also bright and airy, not dark or stuffy.
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We’re nearby
  • We own and operate 220,000 square feet of space in six locations:
    • Dallas TX
    • Garland TX
    • Addison TX
    • Houston TX
    • San Antonio TX
    • Austin TX
Special care for special items
  • We can help you wrap, box and protect fragile and precious goods for storage. Art and antiques, books and documents all require special handling so they last in storage.
We offer a variety of sizes
  • When you call about our storage facilities, one of our relocation specialists can walk you through the process of creating an inventory. This will help us determine which size room to recommend. We want you to be detailed so we can give you the best size and type of room. Some private room sizes we offer:
    • 15’ x 20’
    • 10’ x 10’
    • 10’ x 7’
    • 10’ x 5’
    • 5’ x 4’
    • 5’ x 6’
    • 5’ x 7’
    • 4’ x 4’
Our facilities are secure
  • We utilize surveillance cameras and strict access procedures with 24/7 on-site security at all points, including gates and units.

Getting your things ready for transport and sorage

Whether you’re storing items for a few days or a number of years, pack with care:
  • Good quality storage boxes and packing materials offer better protection from damage.
  • Try to get each box as full as possible. Partially full boxes are more likely to tip or collapse.
  • To make your boxes easier to lift, choose smaller boxes for heavy items like books and plates, and larger boxes for lighter items such as bedding and curtains.
  • Make your things easier to find later by labeling or numbering your boxes with a waterproof marker.
  • Don’t forget to write ‘THIS WAY UP’ and ‘FRAGILE’ on boxes containing breakables.
  • Protect fragile goods with bubble wrap or acid free tissue paper. Wrap delicate items with the bubbles facing inwards for added protection. Bubble wrap and tissue paper are available to buy online or in-store at Green Van Lines.
  • Storing clothing for a long time? Wardrobe boxes allow you to hang your clothes in storage, keeping their shape and giving them room to breathe. We sell them in-store and on our website.
  • We strongly advise against using bin bags. They are prone to ripping, get easily squashed and lack ventilation – which can cause mildew to build up on fabrics.
  • Consider using a vacuum storage system that actually sucks air out of specially designed bags – to help you fit more clothes into your space.
  • Can anything be broken down into smaller parts? For example, bed frames can usually be disassembled, making them easier to store.
  • Take care to clean any garden equipment before you store it.
  • Remember to protect table legs with bubble wrap, and protect varnished furniture against scratches by using a layer of shrink wrap, corrugated cardboard or tissue paper.
  • Protect pictures and mirrors with bubble wrap and clearly mark them ‘FRAGILE’. Large ones should be stacked on their end.
  • Ensure refrigerators or freezers are fully defrosted and cleaned before storing and use shrink wrap to keep fridge and freezer doors closed in transit.
You can buy a wide range of Green Van Lines boxes and specialized packing materials online and in-store.

Storage Facilities with Green Van Lines

If you have any questions about our storage facilities, don’t hesitate to contact Green Van Lines today for more information. We can help you coordinate your move with your storage unit, and ensure that the process will run smoothly!

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