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Long Distance Moving Company

There is a general expectation that long distances moves are complicated undertakings, but at Green Van Lines, we’ve made every step easier and hassle-free for you. We have a track record in providing long distance moving services that are reliable, professional and affordable. We have moving teams with more than 3 decades of combined experience, and have administrative staff with the logistical expertise to maintain sleek control every mile of your belongings’ journey. And because we perform those tasks with the highest levels of efficiency, Green Van Lines are considered a leader amongst long-distance moving companies nationwide.

Long Distance Movers Dallas

At Green Van Lines, we can understand why a long distance move can cause greater anxiety for you. The other side of the country can seem very far, with a lot of miles for your belongings to travel. That’s why you should only ever consider long distance moving companies that are proven to be completely reliable and professional for the task. Over the years, Green Van Lines has developed a long distance moving service few of our competitors can match. We have an intricate routing system that allows us to relocate customers in Maine to new homes in New Mexico as efficiently as we relocate customers in Dallas to Houston. Our team specializes in the synchronization long distance moves require, combining packing, loading and transportation with storage and documentation processing. And we have a fleet of vehicles capable of handling practically any item, from grand pianos to classic cars. An essential part of our long distance moving service is our careful organization of every minute so the journey can be completed swiftly and safely, every time. Green Van Lines’ moving teams handle the disassembling, packing and loading of your large items and can supply a variety of packing materials. And, we also offer eco-friendly long distance movers Dallas, through our Green Crate Rental Program.

Long Distance Movers Cost

Most people believe long distance moving is an incredibly expensive endeavor. While they may be right in some regards, you don’t need to empty the bank to relocate. At Green Van Lines, we make sure moving across the country is simple and straightforward. Furthermore, we ensure the costs of our services are priced competitively and as affordable as possible. We know homeowners and business owners are looking for a good deal, and so we deliver every time. Before we ever set foot in your home, our experienced team of long distance movers will craft a complete quote of our services. This information will include everything you need, such as loading, unloading, travel, and planning. You’ll know the exact cost of your long distance move well before the big day comes. This offers adequate time to plan ahead and move finances around – should you need to.

Long Distance Moving Tips

Moving down the block is relatively straightforward when compared to moving across the country. You can ensure the move is smooth and simple by planning ahead and taking the advice of professionals. At Green Van Lines, we’ve compiled a few long distance moving tips designed specifically to benefit our customers.
  • Pack all belongings for a long haul – be sure containers and boxes are well sealed
  • Insure your prized possessions for the duration of the trip
  • Hang on to items you need upon arrival, including paperwork, keys, and clothing
  • Pack your mattress in a box to avoid damage and dirt
  • Inspect all outdoor furniture to ensure no larvae, moths, or pests are being transported
  • Do not pack any food or liquids
  • Organize absolutely everything by marking each box with its respective room or type of item within
  • Put your name and contact information on each box
  • Be aware your moving company’s delivery window

Preparing for your long distance move

  • Moving to a new state can be complicated if you’re not adequately prepared in advance. To help you in properly preparing for your long distance move, Green Van Lines can advise you on some of the smaller factors you should not overlook.

Drivers License

  • Check with your new state government how long you have to change your driver’s license. Some states allow 3 to 6 months after the long distance move has been finalized, but some require an immediate change if your move is permanent.

Switch utilities

  • Our long distance moving service does not include organizing utilities in your new home, so it’s critical you look into getting new electric, gas, phone, water and sewage services turn on in advance of your move. That way, everything is ready to go upon your arrival. This usually requires a lead time of 1-3 weeks.
  • You may also have to pay a deposit, especially if you’re long distance move takes you to a new state. Don’t set up a new utilities service in your name until after you’ve taken possession of your new home.
  • Green Van Lines movers recommend you arrange to cancel current utilities contracts at your existing residence in advance of the move. Notify them of the date you’re leaving, or when the new owners are taking possession. This ensures you are responsible only for the services used by you and your family, not those used after completing your long distance move.

Switch phone services

Try to call 3 weeks in advance of our long distance moving service delivering your belongings. This is to give your new phone provider enough time to run lines to your new home (if necessary). Also, give the phone company an exact date to switch service into your name.
  • Our Green Van Lines team advise you have a phone ready to test it’s connected the day you move in. You’ll probably have to pay a deposit, though you may be able to pay that over 2 or 3 months through your bill.
  • When disconnecting your existing phone service, give notice at least 2-3 weeks before your long distance move. The phone company will ask if you want your phone number forwarded, so consider that in advance. If you’re moving out of state, many phone companies do not provide that service.

Switching cable/dish/internet providers

  • Most cable and satellite providers require the homeowner to be at the residence on the day of installation. This is to ensure the service is working and is set up as you want it. If you have DSL or Cable Modem for your computer, you will also be required to be present. Green Van Lines teams advise you to arrange the date for the day after your long distance move is complete.
  • Disconnecting existing services is much simpler. Just tell them the day the service is to cease. Satellite companies will ask you to leave the dish behind, and often offer a new dish for your new home to encourage you to stay with their service. Make sure you give ample notice (again, 2-3 weeks before the long distance move) to ensure all is disconnected when you want it to be.

Home inspections (on both ends)

  • Our long distance movers Dallas will get your possessions to your new home safely, but the condition of the home is another matter. A home inspection allows you to make sure everything ready when you arrive. According to Green van Lines movers, arrange the inspection for a few days before the long distance move takes place. If there is a problem, it is the current owner’s responsibility to take care of it.
  • Likewise, make sure your current residence is shipshape before moving, as it is legally your responsibility to resolve any issues, not the new resident’s. Once an inspector gives the all-clear you’ll be able to close on your existing home and move to your new one.

Mail Forwarding

  • Make sure everyone who needs to know is notified of your move, and the change of address. The easiest way to do this is to fill out the “change of address” form on the back of your billing statements, but it’s best to call them directly to let them know. Our Green Van Lines teams also advise notifying the Post Office directly too. This ensures all your bills, magazines etc, are forwarded to your new address for 6 months.
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