The Badger State is much more than beer and cheese. Wisconsin has long been a progressive state that’s always on the move. The Republican Party, which at the time was a radical anti-slavery group, was founded here in 1856.

Later, Wisconsin was home to a number of firsts, like the first workers’ compensation law, the first primary election system, the first state income tax, and the first state university system. So, if your business or family is moving forward in any direction, Wisconsin could be a good place to relocate.


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Why You Should Move To Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is also a diverse state with many outdoor activities. Large cities, like Madison, Green Bay, and Milwaukee, quickly give way to small rural communities. Most people live in the Western Upland and Eastern Ridges areas. So, whether you want your neighbors close or you want to get away from it all, Wisconsin could be a good place to relocate.

Wherever your moving adventure takes you, Green Van Lines is with you. If you are moving across the street or across the country, we offer cost-effective solutions which fit your budget and your needs. We also design custom moving plans for complex relocations. Thus, you know the cost of the move before our professional team members arrive. That’s a guarantee few other companies offer. But at Green Van Lines, it’s the way we do business.

Residential Moves

When your family relocates to Wisconsin, you have a number of choices. To save money, many families opt for do-it-yourself moves. The equipment is fairly easy to obtain. However, many families don’t know exactly what they need until Moving Day arrives. At that point, it’s too late to change equipment plans. Furthermore, these families are completely on their own during the move. There’s more to packing a truck than loading boxes. Finally, if something goes wrong, these families have nowhere to turn for help.

Cut-rate cheap movers in Wisconsin are a step up. But you get what you pay for. There’s a reason some companies offer such low prices. They cut corners everywhere possible. So, you don’t get value for your money.

Especially given the alternatives, Green Van Lines is the clear choice for your residential move. For starters, we thoroughly evaluate your situation, so you have the equipment you need when you need it.

Movers in Wisconsin

This equipment usually includes our reusable moving crates. These crates are much easier to carry and stack than cardboard boxes. Additionally, when the move is over, these crates make attractive modular storage units. No more discarding cardboard boxes. Now that’s value.

When Moving Day rolls around, our approach is simple. We show up on time ready to work, do our jobs, and leave. You may help as much or as little as you want. It’s all the same to us.
Very few moves are perfect. Our experience helps us overcome some common obstacles, like under-construction streets or steeper-than-expected driveways. In these cases, we usually absorb any extra expense ourselves. To us, moving contracts, and especially pricing agreements, are set in stone.

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Commercial Moves (in Wisconsin)

Wisconsin is an excellent place to start or expand a business. Manufacturing is the foundation of Wisconsin’s economy. That means lots of stable, good-paying jobs. When things slow down at one factory, the workers just go across the street to another one. Tourism is also a major industry. People come to the state ready to spend their cash at your business. 

Some prosperous areas in Wisconsin include:

Corporate HQ: Wisconsin’s laid-back lifestyle makes it an attractive place for your corporate headquarters. A number of food processors already have their corporate headquarters in Wisconsin.

Hospitality: As mentioned, hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality enterprises do well in Wisconsin. That goes for both franchises with known names and local businesses with local flavor.

Retail: Many of the goods that are manufactured in Wisconsin are sold here as well. The Badger State has one of the highest per capita incomes in the country. Once again, both chains and standalone retailers do well in Wisconsin.

Healthcare: The country’s aging population and obesity epidemic have created an outsized demand for healthcare services. So, when these businesses relocate to Wisconsin, customers are waiting for them.

Education, event centers, and entertainment venues also thrive in Wisconsin. At Green Van Lines, we reduce moving expenses so you have more money to invest back into your business.

Local Moving Services 

Most people move locally to be closer, or further away from, family. Many others change addresses because their lease is up and they want a change. But they do not want a major life adjustment.
Statistically, local moves far outnumber long distance moves. Therefore, many movers overcharge people on local moves in order to make as much money as possible. But not Green Van Lines. Of course, we’re in business to make money. But we’re also in business to support local families and businesses. That means offering top-notch moving services at a fair price.

Many local movers take advantage of our limited service moves. We take care of the equipment and lend a hand when necessary, but movers themselves do most of the work. These limited service moves are usually the most cost-effective ones we offer.

Long Distance Relocation Options

Typically, these relocations involve upsizing or downsizing. So, we offer a number of storage solutions, as well as moving solutions. At Green Van Lines, we strive to be a complete provider of all relocation services.

These relocations often also involve vehicle moves. Driving across the country means extra wear and tear on your vehicle, as well as extra wear and tear on the people inside that vehicle. Our vehicle relocations are very easy. Leave your car or truck with us, and it’ll be waiting for you at your new digs.

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There are various other services that are provided by us – such as Wisconsin (WI) car carries and Wisconsin transportation services, Wisconsin air and sea cargo services, Wisconsin insurance services, Wisconsin warehousing services, Wisconsin apartment moving services, Wisconsin furniture moving services, Wisconsin office moving services, Wisconsin building movers, etc.

Click here to plan your move and find the nearest Green Van Lines location. By sharing some information with us, we get to know you and your needs better. So, when the time comes to plan and execute your move, the whole process runs much more smoothly. Log on now and check out the Green Van Lines difference for yourself.