What Costs Should Be Covered in a Corporate Relocation

When negotiating with a corporate moving service to handle your company’s upcoming relocation, there are certain costs that should be covered no matter what. Otherwise, you’ll end up getting nickel-and-dimed for every little expense that pops up during the corporate move.

Here are the top three costs you’ll want to make sure are included in your moving service contract. If these costs aren’t there, you’re better off looking for another relocation company.

1. Moving supplies. Regardless of your company’s size, you shouldn’t be responsible for finding and using all of your own moving materials. Boxes, crates, packing tape, scissors, dollies, and other types of moving equipment and supplies should be included in the price you pay for your moving services.

2. Building preparation. Someone needs to be in charge of preparing the old and the new office spaces for the move. Hire a moving company that follows specific preparation guidelines, and provides services that make things as easy as possible.

3. Complete transportation services. Some companies will transport items from one place to another, then charge you an extra fee to carry the boxes upstairs at the new office space! Others will refuse to carry specific kinds of items, or will charge extra if you get stuck in traffic. You want a moving company that will get your stuff where it needs to be for one price, no matter how many stairs they have to climb, or how many red lights they have to stop for.

If your company is relocating in the Dallas or North Texas area, your best bet is to hire Green Van Lines for the move. Their trained representatives will handle every aspect of the corporate relocation, from bringing moving supplies to preparing the building. They’ll even equip you with a corporate move checklist and a customized time frame for your move.

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