Is Unemployment Available During Relocation

Is Unemployment Available During Relocation


Typically, when an employee is terminated for common reasons, aside from gross misconduct, they qualify for unemployment benefits. Such benefits help individuals and families while in-between jobs. Of course, finding another job occasionally means moving to a new city. Depending on your career and prospects, moving isn’t a big hassle. However, without a job, relocation can become quite expensive in such a short period. Unemployment can help. If you qualify.

Relocating in the State

If you plan on moving within the state, there is little to worry about when it comes to unemployment benefits. You would notify the proper state agency of your address change, which should not delay your unemployment payments.

Relocating to Another State

If you plan on moving to another state or overseas, your unemployment claim will likely be closed, and all payments will cease.

Why? Because each state and country has its own employment agency that handles such matters. In some cases, while moving to another state to find work, a bit of paperwork is enough to continue your monthly payments. However, compensation can vary depending on the state.

Know this: Certain states have regulations and restrictions regarding where you can move to continue receiving unemployment benefits. Check the area you intend to move for such restrictions.

Unemployment Eligibility

When it comes to being eligible for unemployment, a few factors play a role. For instance, applicants must meet three primary requirements:

  • Out of work through no fault of your own.
  • Individuals must meet minimum earnings or tenure requirements.
  • Must be able, available, and actively seeking part- or full-time work.

Furthermore, some agencies consider why you are out of work as a factor in unemployment eligibility. If you are fired, it depends on the reason. If you quit voluntarily without a good cause, you will not be eligible for unemployment benefits. You require good cause to quit.

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