Top Movies About Moving

You can rest easy knowing your upcoming move will never be as dramatic or overblown as what we see in the movies. Still, it is fun to watch all the drama unfold on television. Most movies that involve moving to tend to be comedic, and relatable, and often remind us that some things are more important. When you’re packing up your belongings, consider throwing a move on the big screen and enjoying the ambiance.

The Money Pit

Tom Hanks and Shelly Long star in ‘The Money Pit’, an incredible comedy about a young couple who purchase a home that happens to crumble before their eyes. Anyone moving into a fixer-upper can certainly relate.


If you fancy yourself a horror aficionado, then consider Sinister. Starring Ethan Hawke, Sinister tells the tale of a writer who moves into a brand-new home with his family. This house has more than he bargained for, though. If you’re into haunted houses, then perhaps this one is right up your alley.


A fantastic story, and certainly a tear-jerker, UP is Pixar’s heartwarming story of a house with no bounds. We all want to find that magical place, and UP allows us to live vicariously through its characters as they relocate in style.

The Sandlot

As a child, moving was the absolute worst. Starting over at a new school, making new friends; it was all so troubling. The Sandlot is the child’s story of moving. This 1993 baseball movie speaks to the kid in all of us after a big move.

Toy Story

Toy Story, the classic animated film, tells the tale of toys journeying home before their family moves away for good. When you’re packing, try not to forget any children’s toys for the journey.

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