Here at Green Van Lines, we use only top-of-the-line moving trucks that are perfect for either residential or large-scale commercial moves.


Are you preparing to move? If so, it’s important to figure out how to most efficiently use space in your moving truck! Here are five of the best ways to do so:

Saving Space

1)     Label Your Boxes. Once you’ve decided what you’re packing and moving, put your items in clearly-labeled boxes! This helps to keep things as organized as possible.

2)     Get Good Supplies. Top-quality moving supplies are crucial. If you’re only using discarded boxes or old supplies, this can create more of a headache than not. Buy quality boxes, and do it from a moving company that you know and trust.

3)     Pack Efficiently. It’s important to pack as efficiently as possible. This means: small boxes should be filled with heavier items whereas larger boxes should be filled with light items. Start by packing infrequently used objects and leave your most needed items for packing later.

4)     Take Inventory. Avoid any future headaches by taking inventory of everything you own. This will help you avoid packing items that you need close to the move, plus it will keep everything feeling more streamlined and organized.

5)     Hire a Moving Company. Hiring a professional moving company is really the best way to ensure that you have the most space in your moving truck. This is also the best way to make sure that everything goes according to plan!

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For successful relocation of your household items, there’s only one option that makes the most sense – HIRE a professional mover! There really is no other way. If you want to ensure that your belongings stay safe and in proper condition, hiring a professional moving company is the best decision you could make.

Do you have questions about the ways to save space in a moving truck? Contact Green Van Lines today for more info! We’re always happy to help.

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