Summer Moves – What to Watch For

If you ask an expert, they’ll tell you that moving during the summer is the most popular time for homeowners. As such, it is often busier and more expensive. If you don’t have a choice or prefer nice weather, moving in the summer can be an adventure. But like moving during, say, the winter, there are things to watch for. Summer may provide plenty of daylight and warmth, but it also includes foul weather.


Let’s start with the weather, as it will be the most significant deciding factor of your summer move. Sure, you can watch the weather channel and prepare accordingly. Most weather stations can give you a pretty good outlook for the next ten days.

However, the local weather station can only offer their best prediction. In some cases, a summer storm can show up out of nowhere. You’ll be drenched and miserable, and any goods left out during the packing process may be damaged from the moisture and humidity.



During the summer, with all that warm weather and moisture in the air, various creatures and critters come crawling around. There are many invasive species, including beetles and ladybugs, that may make your move downright troublesome.

If you’re deadest on moving during the summer, we recommend inspecting your belongings and boxes for any unwanted guests sooner rather than later.


Lastly, if you’re in the process of packing all your clothing, remember to keep a few sets out for the summer weather. You do not want to try packing and loading a truck in tight, hot clothing. Instead, opt for loose, breathable clothes and have plenty of water nearby.

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