Saving Money on Phones, TV & Internet

The key to a smooth move is organization. Based on our years of experience, we have compiled a relocation checklist featuring a series of helpful hints and useful suggestions to assist you in organizing and planning your next move.

Triple Play Deal 

Those familiar with the term “triple play deal” for phone, TV and internet service may understand what it means, but not everyone knows exactly what to look for to ensure they get the best bang for their buck. If you’re moving, immediately after ensuring the gas, water and electricity will be turned on in anticipation of your arrival you’ll also want to get a jump on setting up the three other essential utilities of daily life. Here are a few tips to help you compare phone, TV and internet bundles.


How To Save Before Moving?

Do You Really Need “Triple Play”? Sure, package deals usually come with the most perks. But do you really need everything that’s included? Although the savings can be substantial for “triple play” packages that bundle phone, TV, and internet services into one easily manageable bill, it’s not always going to be the most affordable option. Especially if you don’t watch much TV, don’t use the phone very often, or next to never get online.

Be sure to compare prices for single services and don’t limit yourself only to what’s offered in the “triple play” bundles. You could actually end up paying a much lower monthly bill if all you need is a high speed internet package, for example.

Looking Past the Dollar Signs Not all “triple play” deals were created equal. For this reason, be sure to look beyond the price tag to take a closer look at the details of what’s on offer before you determine if a bundle deal is really what you need. Here are a few things to look for.



Tips For Saving Money With Phone Package

Make sure that the phone portion of the package offers both local and long distance calling. Also look for plans that offer unlimited long distance so you don’t wind up with a big fat costly surprise on your first month’s bill. You may find yourself spending a lot more time on the phone after your relocation than ever before.

Verify maximum upload and download speed provided with the internet service. If you use the internet for your home business or for other work purposes, it’s important that you get the maximum speeds available.

What To Consider With Your TV Package?

Does the TV package include HD? This may not be a major concern for you at the moment if you don’t own an HDTV, however with the increasing affordability of TV technology these days it’ll only be a matter of time before you’ll be sitting in front of an HD-enabled television set.

Look for services that extend beyond your new home. Some cable TV companies offer mobile-enabled services that will allow you to catch programs on your mobile device. Having these kinds of perks available may make a bundle deal worthwhile.

Pay attention to limited time details  Some cable companies will offer you an attractive monthly price which will go up dramatically after the first 12 months.

Never underestimate your need for phone, TV and internet services if you’re moving a great distance far away from friends, family and familiar faces. Staying connected can help ease the difficulty of adapting to a new environment for both yourself and your family.

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