Pricing Your Yard Sale Perfectly

Pricing Your Yard Sale PerfectlyIf you’re planning a big move, then perhaps there is no better time to also plan a yard sale. After all, you likely have a lot of clutter inside your home. You may not wish to pack everything. If you want to reduce some of the clutter, to make packing and moving easier, all while scoring some cash, then a yard sale is perfect. However, you must price your items accordingly. If you get it wrong, then no one is going to buy a single thing.

Research Pricing Options

First and foremost, before you even buy your yard sale stickers, you need to perform a bit of rudimentary research. Make a list of all the items you intend to sell. Be sure to write them down, so it is easier to navigate the list. You can forego listing every single book or movie title, of course. Just write “movies” or “books” on the list.

Then, with your trusty list at the ready, go online and browse similar items. You’ll get an idea of what each item costs and how to appropriately price your used goods.

Price by Category

Once you have completed your research, you can start to price items by category. If you have space, consider setting aside a table for each category. You can have one for books, one for music, and one for movies, for instance.

A good starting price point for popular items includes:

  • Movies: $2
  • CDs: $1
  • Books: $1
  • Toys: $1 to $3
  • Shoes: $5 to $10
  • Couches: $75 to $300
  • Bookshelves: $15 to $50

Mark Everything Clearly

Despite how good of a deal most yard sale items are, you would be surprised at the number of people trying to haggle down the price. Be sure to mark every item you put out very clearly and concisely. Do not let there be any question as to how much an item costs.

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