Planning for Your Small Move

Planning for Your Small MoveWhether you have moved many times before or if this is your first move, it pays to prepare ahead of time. If you take a bit of time beforehand to properly plan, then your next move – even a small one – is bound to be much easier. Here are a few key tips that should make your move smoother.

Research Moving Services

If you intend to hire a professional moving service, which is advisable, then consider researching local moving companies now. You want to find one that is affordable, insured, and highly-rated amongst locals. The company you select should also offer all the moving and packing services you require.

Visit the Neighborhood

If you’re moving within the same city, then consider touring your new neighborhood regularly. Visit at various hours throughout the day to determine how loud it can get, how the traffic is, and where the local supermarket or corner store is located.

Budget Planning

Even a small move requires a thorough budget. You need to account for hiring a moving company, packing supplies, whether you require a moving truck, and taking time off of work to pack and physically move everything, too.

Need a Roommate?

If you are moving into an apartment and require a roommate, do not wait to find the perfect companion. You’ll want to start searching for a compatible roommate now to ensure everything works out.

Provide Notice

If you currently live in an apartment, you need to provide your landlord with a notice of your intent to move. Typically, tenants are required to provide their landlord with a 60-day notice. Be sure to check your lease agreement for specifics, though.

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