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The Land of Lincoln might be one of the most diverse states in the Union. The non-white population in general, and the mixed-race population in particular, has increased significantly since the 1990s. So now it is up to you to choose Illinois Moving Company that suits your goal.

Why you should move to Illinois?

These changes, which mean cultural as well as ethnic diversity, make Illinois a great place for your business or family. 
Economically, few other states in the United States have such diverse economies. This diversity helps Illinoians weather some economic storms which hit some sectors hard but leave others largely unaffected.


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Illinois has basically three sections:

Chicagoland dominates the state’s northern tier. Chicago, which was incorporated in 1833, is the third-largest city in the country. Illinois’ middle tier is mostly agricultural land and small or medium-sized cities. 
When John Deere invented the steel plow way back in 1837, Central Illinois became one of the largest agricultural producers in the country. It’s still that way today. Southern Illinois, which was once the most populous part of the state, is also largely agricultural. But the climate is warmer, the terrain is a bit rougher, and there are significant deposits of oil and coal in this area.
So, no matter what environment you prize for your family or business, Illinois beckons. And, Green Van Lines gets you there.

But we do more than just get you there. Resource conservation is as important to us as it is to you. Because we share your priorities, we hope you continue to partner with us for your future relocation and storage needs. We do not want to be a one-time service company. Instead, we strive to build relationships with our customers.

Residential Moves to Illinois

Many people equate Illinois with large urban areas. Indeed, that’s true in northern Illinois. But much of the rest of the state is mostly open areas and medium-sized towns, like Urbana, Bloomington, and the state’s capital, Springfield. So, whether you crave a fast-paced urban life or a slower-paced life that’s closer to the land, there is a place for your family in Illinois.
Most residential moves involve a few large items, like appliances, and a truckload of boxes. Cardboard boxes kill almost 500 million trees a year.

At Green Van Lines, we believe you are part of the problem or part of the solution. So, we try to be part of the solution, mostly by replacing cardboard boxes with reusable moving crates. These durable, stackable crates are much easier to load and unload than boxes. After the move, some families repurpose the crates as modular storage units. Others return them to a Green Van Lines office. With a little TLC, they will be useful for many other movers.
Green shortcuts like our moving crates are available whether you are moving your family across the street or across the country.

Corporate HQ Relocations

Ever since the Erie Canal connected Illinois with the eastern seaboard in 1825, Illinois in general, and Chicagoland in particular, has been a regional and national transportation hub. 
Over the years, that fact, along with Illinois’ demographic and economic diversity, has attracted a number of large and small corporate headquarters.
At Green Van Lines, our professional team helps your corporation join this growing list.

Midwestern corporate headquarters have strong values, and resource conservation is typically one of them. 
Some movers simply relocate your corporate headquarters and give little or no thought to resource conservation. But we are different at Green Van Lines, and our customers appreciate the difference. We go the extra mile to protect the environment, and we go the extra mile for you.

Commercial Relocations (in Illinois)

Most businesses cater to specific economic sectors. Because of Illinois’ diversity, no matter which sector your business keys off of, there is a home for it in The Land of Lincoln. There is room for businesses from huge agricultural suppliers to neighborhood donut shops. 

Some relocations we handle at Green Van Lines include:


Your customers expect speedy delivery, and that efficiency begins in the warehouse. If you need larger space to accommodate growing demand, or smaller space to better serve your customers, the Green Van Lines team preserves your storage and distribution system.


These relocations have many of the same dynamics. They involve large volumes and strict distribution systems. We help ensure that your library is available as soon as our relocation crew departs.


The current trend in healthcare is patient amenities, especially with regard to elective heart surgery and maternal care. These are two of the biggest money-making areas. Some moving companies do not fully understand this aspect of these relocations. But we do.

All these commercial relocations, and more, come with our same commitment to environmental quality. Our world will probably be here long after our businesses are gone and forgotten. We all have a responsibility to do our share to preserve it. That’s a responsibility we take seriously, and so do you.

How To Make A Local Moves?

Intra-regional moves are the backbone of our business at Green Van Lines. For example, in Chicagoland, many cities are renovating their downtowns. At the same time, new housing developments are going up in places that were previously considered remote. In both cases, the shifting residential population means shifting commercial needs as well.
Local moves are a good place for us to conserve resources without affecting the moving experience. We work smarter instead of harder. Our crews show up on time with the tools they need to do the job. No more and no less. Our commitment to keeping things simple helps us be good stewards of our resources.


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Long Distance Moves

At Green Van Lines, we also do a number of inter-regional Illinois relocations. A family or business might want to leave the hustle of Chicago behind for a more relaxed environment like Champaign. Or, the opposite might be true. Additionally, many students come from many miles away, or even overseas, to study at one of Illinois’ fine institutions of higher learning.
Whether your relocation involves planes, trains, or automobiles, or some combination of all three, we are ready to assist you. We offer resource-conserving limited moves or full-service relocations which give you added peace of mind.

how to reduce your stress level with moving?

Whichever city you intend to move to – Rockford, Joliet, Naperville, etc. – Green Van Lines has movers in Illinois who know the region and how to reduce your stress levels. Our Illinois movers have a reputation for being reliable, affordable, and consistent.

Littel About Vehicle Moves

Illinois’ status as a transportation hub is not always a good thing. There is quite a bit of traffic on many Illinois roads. Once again, you are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Our vehicle relocation service helps you be part of the solution.
We do more than connect your vehicle to a trailer hitch. We offer secure and safe transportation solutions. Once you reach your destination, if you’d rather not store your vehicle in your garage, we offer additional solutions.

Unlike many local movers in Illinois, Green Van Lines has the bio-diesel fleet capacity to handle all moving requirements, from industrial to residential and even automotive transportation. When you call, we’ll be there to get the job done right.

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