What to Do with Extra Food Before a Move?

Most of us keep a relatively full kitchen year-round. With a busy household and on-the-go children, snacks, fruits and vegetables, and leftovers from dinner last night are all commonplace. If your refrigerator and pantries are packed full, what are you to do with all the excess before a move? You surely can’t pack fruits and vegetables and expect them to last. The same goes for leftovers. You have a few options available.


First, let’s figure out what you have stocked right now. If you need to, grab a notepad and jot down items you know cannot be transported easily. Consider placing items into categories, such as perishables, canned food, or cooking supplies.

Eat Any Perishables

Unless you are moving tomorrow, chances are you need food for the coming week/s. If you intend to eat all the perishables in your home, try to get creative with a few new recipes. Eating the same old thing day-after-day can get really tiring, especially for children.

Be sure to let everyone in the house know of the plan. Otherwise, you might find your teenager picking up fast food after school instead of eating the leftover chili.

Extra Food Before a Move


The next step is to pack any items that can safely make the trip. Such items would include canned goods, unopened containers, or bringing a cooler for certain perishable items. You could easily store a few fruits or vegetables in a cooler.


Anything you cannot bring, consider donating to a local shelter or food bank. Most organizations request canned goods; non-expired, non-perishable items such as rice, pasta, or canned fruits, for example.

On average, families throw out nearly $1,500 worth of food each year. Do not become another statistic just before you move. Donate any excess you no longer want or cannot bring on the trip.

Once your pantry is in order, consider hiring Green Van Lines to make the rest of your move a breeze. Give us a call at 888-770-4733!

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