Essential Moving Supplies You Need Today

Planning to move your business or family from Point A to Point B is usually not a problem in a DIY relocation. Make a detailed plan, as well as a checklist of moving supplies to obtain and to-dos to accomplish. If you are meticulous and determined, there’s a good chance your relocation will succeed. But most people don’t have the time to set aside for meticulous planning. Furthermore, your family’s or your business’s future are much too valuable to leave to chance.



At Green Van Lines, our professional team takes care of moving checklists. Give us the big picture, like a time frame and budget, and we’ll come up with the details. All you need to do is check off boxes and watch the plan come together. 
Furthermore, when you partner with us, you receive unequaled relocation service. If you choose to keep working with us, we give you this same attention to detail on Moving Day, so you have additional peace of mind.

What Essential Supplies do you need for DIY Moves?

For your DIY move, unless your move is an extremely short distance or small scale, like moving from a 1BR to a 2BR apartment in the same complex or moving a college student into a dorm room, you need lots of packing materials, money, and time.

Let’s start with packing materials. Most people rely almost exclusively on cardboard boxes. These boxes are heavy and bulky. Furthermore, they are usually single-use moving supplies. Some moving companies offer buyback programs. But they usually only buy back unused boxes which you bought from them in the first place. Moreover, it’s difficult or impossible to use cardboard boxes for modular storage units. They’re bulky and unsightly.

The reusable moving crates we use at Green Van Lines are a much better option. Unless they sustain severe damage, like a break in half, we usually buy back these crates and use them again. Some customers prefer to reuse their easy-to-handle crates themselves, as modular storage units.
Packing materials don’t end with boxes or crates. To protect your valuables, and pretty much everything you have is valuable.

 include materials things like:

• Moving blankets.
• Stretch wrap.
• Furniture covers.
• Label materials.
• Tape gun.
• Bucket, broom, and other cleaning materials.
• Knife.
• Padlock.
• Plastic bags.
• Gloves.
• Permanent markers.

The Basic Packing Materials

  • Shredded or crumpled newspapers. These will protect any fragile items and make sure items are tightly packed in the boxes.
  • Packing tape and tape guns. These secure the boxes and any items wrapped in newspaper or bubble wrap.
  • Cardboard boxes of various sizes. These will stack and store the items you plan to move.
  • Lidded storage bins. These are perfect for heavier items that might break cardboard boxes or bags.
  • Plastic storage bags. These can protect items and prevent things from dripping or leaking during the move.
  • Packing peanuts and bubble wrap. Protection, protection, protection. Making sure nothing breaks will make your transition that much easier.
  • Moving blankets. These will help protect furniture and large items from annoying scratches or nicks.
  • Plenty of permanent markers. You can never label enough things. Nothing is worse than searching for a specific item in a bunch of blank boxes. Remember to mark on three sides, not just on the top, so that you can see the label even when the boxes are stacked.

The biggest thing to remember? The more you plan your move, the easier the whole process will be.

The easiest way to plan? Contact a reliable moving company. Green Van Lines can help with residential and commercial moving, storage, and moving supplies in Dallas. Contact us today for a quote!

How to save time & money when moving?

As for money, there are big items, like the moving truck. It’s usually best to pay cash on the road for small items, like snacks and meals. Banks often flag transactions if the merchant is not within your normal travel pattern. Of course, you could call the bank in advance and inform them of your new address and your moving day. But that information might or might not make it to the fraud department. And, if you’re like most people, your moving time is already limited.

Even for low-volume, short-distance moves, Moving Day is almost always an all-day affair. Longer moves require at least one day, and usually more like two.
In the weeks leading up to Moving Day, movers typically need to spend at least an hour a day making preparations. This could be physical preparations, like packing, or less physical preparations, like researching moving supply companies or changing your address.
Sometimes, these areas overlap. For example, an appliance dolly is perhaps the most time-saving item ever invented for DIY movers. You’ll also need cash to bribe friends or relatives or hire a semi-professional moving crew.

Green Van Lines: Moves you forward

At Green Van Lines, we save you time, money, and effort. We provide all levels of assistance, from full-service moves to supply provision.

Moving Expertise

Any company can sell you moving supplies. But at Green Van Lines, we sell you the essential moving supplies you need.

Before we talk about the supplies you need, we usually ask how long you’ve lived at your current address, or how long your business has been there. Usually, the more time you spend in one place, the more stuff you have. 

We also talk about the types of items you’ll be moving. Most items are pretty easy to move, if you plan things properly. Others are much more difficult to handle.
Finally, we’ll talk about moving supplies themselves. We usually divide things up into essential items and useful items. Not everyone has a big enough budget for both. If you leave with all the essential items you need and all the useful items you can afford, we are happy.


essential moving supplies


Packing Materials

Our moving supply salespeople are usually also movers. So, they know what works and what doesn’t work. Many companies sell unnecessary moving items just to make money. That’s not how we do business. We’re much more interested in relationships that profit on a single move.
We sell all the aforementioned packing items and much more. We are committed to your relocation success.

Vehicle Transportation Service

We usually recommend vehicle transportation as part of your move. Driving your vehicle from your old spot to your new spot puts extra wear and tear on your car or truck as well as extra wear and tear on yourself.
At Green Van Lines, we offer a variety of vehicle move solutions. Most movers prefer our secure tow package. This easy-to-handle package gets your vehicle safely from Point A to Point B.
On a related note, we also offer storage solutions to suit your needs. Many people are relocating to areas where they don’t need their cars every day. A secure, garage-sized storage area is often a good alternative to an unsecured public parking lot or garage.

Directions to Nearest Branch

Whether you are moving a home or a business, across town or across the country, there are some essential moving supplies that can make the challenge a little easier, more efficient and almost fun. Planning ahead makes packing and moving go smoothly.

Click here to plan your move and find the nearest Green Van Lines location. By sharing some information with us, we get to know you and your needs better. So, when the time comes to plan and execute your move, the whole process runs much more smoothly. Log on now and check out the Green Van Lines difference for yourself.