5 Ways to Accomplish an Environmentally Friendly Move


If you’ve been living a lift of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, it becomes easy to stick to it and make environmentally friendly decisions. However, many find it difficult to keep following an eco-friendly path when moving long-distance or locally.

Most moves can be disruptive and damaging to our environment, but there are many available options for organizing a green move.





Don’t Use Too Many Boxes

When packing up your home, you will quickly learn that your move can require a lot of boxes. When moving, you can lower box waste by using reusable bags rather than cardboard boxes, which allows you to reuse the same packing materials if you must move again, as well as making useful containers for your home aside from your move.

Additionally, moving boxes made of recyclable materials allow you to recycle them again when you’re done moving.

Limit What Goes

Everything you choose to bring with you contributes to the environmental footprint of your move. Each of your belongings requires more packing materials, space, and fuel to get from your old location to your new location. To make your move more eco-friendly, leave behind the items that are less necessary.

Don’t get rid of useful items that could be sold in a garage sale, donated to charity, or given away. Take the time to carefully choose the items you don’t plan on using and find a way to purposefully remove them from your moving process.

Hire a Green Moving Company

When you hire a green moving company like Green Van Lines, you hire a team of professionals who cares about the environment as much as keeping your belongings safe in your move. We offer a variety of green storage and moving services to help you live a sustainable life.

Use Eco-Friendly materials when Packing

Packing material is important when it comes to protecting your belongings, but styrofoam and plastic are harmful materials.

Additionally, contrary to popular belief, biodegradable packing materials still have an environmental impact. One of the most efficient ways to keep your move environmentally-friendly is to use resources that you already have, like newspapers, t-shirts, towels, blankets, etc. This not only allows you to practice sustainability; it also saves you money.

Know your Local Recycling Resources

Every community offers access to recyclable materials as well as resources for recycling your belongings. It is important to know and understand your local resources in order to make the best possible decisions when preparing for a green move.

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