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These days, having a home security system isn’t so much a luxury as it is a necessity. Especially if you’re moving into a new neighborhood, and you have absolutely no idea how safe it is.

why Home Security System so important?

But home security systems aren’t only to keep out the crooks; they can also serve as an early warning device to your local fire department, and can even be a lifesaving option for those in poor health.

Before you decide what kind of home security system to install in your home, it’s important to determine what you’re hoping to get out of it. Home security systems come in a wide range of prices and offer an equally wide range of features.





How to choose the right security for your home?

Battery-operated, do-it-yourself window alarms can be set up at every entryway in your home and will sound off if a door or window is opened. Some can even sense excessive vibration, such as the type caused by someone trying to force a window or door open.

Slightly more expensive alarms are available that are networked throughout your entire home, and will notify the police automatically if there’s a break-in. Many offer motion detector options, but if you have free-roaming pets you may want to reconsider this option.

Security cameras can also be installed to allow you to check on any area of your home through a monitor system. This not only serves to notify you if an unwanted visitor is detected, but the obvious presence of cameras can act as a major deterrent.




The higher up in cost and functionality you move, you’ll discover that you can have alarm systems installed that not only detect break-ins- but can also detect smoke and carbon monoxide in the air.

These systems will notify the police in the event of a break-in, and will alternately contact the fire department if the danger is the result of smoke, or carbon monoxide.

Medical monitoring is another feature that many home security companies now offer, which can call emergency services at the push of a button. This is a smart option for elderly individuals or those in poor health more susceptible- to not being able to reach a phone in an emergency.

Crime Rate and home security

Know the Crime Rate Although installing a home security system is always a good idea regardless of where you live, what’s even more important is knowing in advance, what the crime rate is in the city or neighborhood you’re moving to.

This information can be easily found by calling the police department directly, and asking the people who are most knowledgeable on the subject.