Preparing for an office move can be a lot more complicated than moving a household. Preparing is key and ensuring that everything on your list is complete is essential. Use this moving a business checklist as a guide to keep your company move on track.

Determine a Time Frame and Schedule

Your time frame should be the first thing you determine. Set the date when all stuff must be out of the office space, which is your final move out date.

You’ll probably need a few days to move out, depending on how much stuff you must move. Work backwards from your move out date and make a list of all the things you need to do before the trucks arrive.


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Assign Tasks and Set Up a Move Committee if Needed

It’s a clever idea to get staff involved in the move early. A committee for your business moves can not only help you organize and plan the move but also help ease the transition for the rest of the staff. Have the committee review all the tasks and assign roles as needed. As the move goes forward, you’ll probably need to add tasks to the list and as you do, make sure assign tasks, too – there’s just too much to do to do it all yourself.  

Set up an Internal and External Communications Plan

An internal communications plan will ensure employees are kept informed of the moving plans while an external plan will keep your clients and suppliers up to date on your business activities during the move so you can keep your business in operation during the transition.

Hire Movers

As with any move, hiring good long distance movers takes time and should be one of the first tasks on your list. Have a staff member develop a list of at least five moving companies, then ensure you investigate them thoroughly before you hire. Determine budget, get quotes, and compare services across moving companies to decide which one to hire.

Hire Professional Packers

If your moving budget can support hiring professional corporate packers, do it.  This will save you and your employees from having to pack up areas of the office that are common and often, the most difficult spaces to pack and move.  Employees can be asked to pack their desks or offices as it also provides an opportunity for staff to clean up their spaces and get rid of stuff they don’t need to move.

Create a New Office Plan and Layout

This is where your move committee will be really helpful.  It’s always difficult to move into a new space but when you have to figure out where everything and everyone goes, that takes a lot of time.  Make sure you know where each piece of furniture will be placed and every employee will sit.  The more detailed the plan, the better.

Talk to Your Current Vendors

A business move may mean changing service providers.  Check your contracts then decide if you’ll stay with your current vendors or if you’ll look at switching. You’ll need to determine what the new space will require in terms of telephone lines and network infrastructure.  Talk to your new landlord and vendors to ensure that you know what the new space needs so there isn’t a gap in service.

Any equipment that you’re leasing, contact the dealer to notify them of the move and how best to get their equipment to the new location.

Keep Employees Updated and Informed

A long distance move can be difficult for employees. It can mean a change in how they commute and whether their commute is now longer than before the move.  If you’re moving a business to a smaller space, then staff need to know how offices will be assigned and what their new space will look like.  Employees should be informed at every step in the process.  I recommend keeping a moving schedule on the kitchen bulletin board or other common space so people can see how things are progressing and what is expected of them as employees.


Employees Updated in the office


Your Next Residential Move

Moving day is fast approaching and now is the time to plan ahead. There are so many small details to keep track of during a relocation, and it’s easy to let things fall through the cracks. Avoid unnecessary setbacks during your residential move by adhering to the following checklist in chronological order.

  • Schedule an estimate with reliable movers and come up with a budget for the entire move. Be sure to thoroughly research all the moving companies in your area before making a hiring decision. Do this as far in advance as possible.
  • Catalog all of your expenses religiously so you can stick to your planned budget. Don’t just estimate costs; keep track of all the receipts and estimates you receive so you can more accurately calculate your moving costs.
  • Go through your entire house and get rid of anything that you won’t need in your new home. There’s no need to pack extra items that are unnecessary.
  • Plan your moving date carefully; take weather, holidays, and other time constraints into consideration. Then, secure the date with the moving company of your choice.
  • Decide if you will pack your belongings yourself or if you will hire a company to handle it. If you are packing on your own, plan more than enough time for the monumental task.
  • Set up all of the utilities in your new home and disconnect them in your old residence. This may mean calling all of your utility providers, from your cable company to your electricity company.
  • Discontinue your delivery services. You don’t want your newspapers and mail going to the wrong house.
  • Notify the post office about your move and fill out an official change of address form. You may also need to individually contact other businesses about your move, like your bank, insurance company, doctor, and more.
  • Double check everything with your moving company. This includes payments, potential extra charges, dates, times, and any other important details.

If you’re planning a residential move in the DFW area, skip the hassle of researching dozens of moving companies and contact Green Van Lines. Their professional movers offer their trustworthy skills at an affordable price and guarantee that your move will go smoothly. Do yourself a favor and call 888-770-4733 today to book your big move.


Checklist for Moving a Business


Your Commercial Moving Checklist

Are you preparing to move your office or commercial property? Here is your official, comprehensive commercial moving checklist!

6 Months Before your Move

  • Nominate staff members to help you plan and execute your move!
  • Find an interior designer if applicable
  • Plan the design of phone and computer systems
  • Start researching moving companies and estimates

3 to 4 Months Before your Move

  • Meet with the move planning team that you appointed
  • Finalize the computer and phone system plans
  • Finalize design and office structure

2 Months Before your Move

  • Schedule all utilities
  • Address updates on stationary, business cards, etc.
  • Schedule service for copiers and other equipment
  • Select your moving company
  • Make any necessary new purchases

1 Month Out

  • Contact all suppliers regarding your move
  • Contact customers regarding your move
  • Call for service the day before on copiers, etc.
  • Confirm all relevant details are covered by your move planning team
  • Make a list of online mediums that need contact information updated

2 to 3 Weeks Out

  • Finalize plans with current and new building managers
  • Order keys, parking spaces, etc.
  • Complete the walkthrough with your movers
  • Confirm phone and computer installation plans

The Week Before your Move

  • Packing training by your movers (If DIY Packing)
  • Furniture and art labeling per your packing training
  • Visit new office and confirm all plans OK
  • Review the packing tips on Green Van Lines’ website
  • Start packing (If applicable)

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For successful relocation of your household items, there’s only one option that makes the most sense – HIRE a professional mover! There really is no other way. If you want to ensure that your belongings stay safe and in proper condition, hiring a professional moving company is the best decision you could make.

Do you have questions about creating a commercial moving checklist? Contact Green Van Lines today for more info! We’re always happy to help.