The Best Cities to Live in During the Winter


To many, winter is an escape from the drastic heat of the summer. To others, winter means unbelievable cold, coughing and sneezing, and shoveling the driveway. Such homeowners wish to avoid the winter weather whenever possible. Well, there are several ideal cities across the country that are perfect to live in during the winter. Whether you’re planning a move or simply visiting, consider these cities for your winter getaway.

Corpus Christi, Texas

In Corpus Christi, Texas, snow is a rarity. Typically, temperatures remain in the cool 70s during the coldest portion of the season. Instead of snow shovels and coats, you’ll enjoy beaches, golf courses, and local fishing spots throughout the area.

Furthermore, Corpus Christi is home to numerous activities outside the home. For example, you could visit the Texas State Aquarium for a glimpse at ocean wildlife.

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is a common vacation spot for those who abhor winter weather. It is a beautiful town in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and a major cultural center for art, outdoor recreation, and more.

Housing prices are on the high side, but the ideal weather and outdoor retreat is worth the price of admission for many homeowners.

Grand Junction, Colorado

Grand Junction has garnered quite a bit of attention in the past few years. Situated snuggly between the Colorado National Monument and Grand Mesa, the area has local wildlife, lakes, mountains, and national forests in abundance.

If you prefer hiking to snow-shoeing, then you may have just found your new home.

Key West, Florida

You cannot talk about escaping the cold weather without mentioning Florida. Key West is one of the most popular winter destinations, with an ideal climate and nothing but blue skies as far as the eye can see.

Whether you’re visiting for vacation or moving into the area, you’ll find plenty of outdoor activities for fun in the sun!

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