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The GVL Advantages

What do you look for from moving companies? Affordability? Professionalism? Reliability? Whether you’re moving home, moving office or moving your most prized possessions, Green Van Lines has a proven track record that satisfies all 3 of those priorities. But the true benefits of choosing us – the GVL Advantage – extends beyond our quality of service. True, our experience and knowledge ensures our moving services run smoother, swifter and easier than services from other Dallas movers can, but we’re also more than just that. We have set our own high standards to be eco-friendly, service orientated and price competitive too. Together, these ensure the GVL Advantage is a superior moving experience. advertage_body_banner Whether you’re moving across the street, or the other side of the country, Green Van Lines takes the job of moving your belongings seriously. It’s why we have satisfied every industry standard – indeed, we have surpassed them. This insistence in having and maintaining the highest industry standards is just part of what we call the GVL Advantage.
  • We are a fully-licensed and fully-insured professional moving and storage company.
  • We are licensed with both the Texas and U.S. Department of Transportation.
  • Our moving teams are certified, experienced and fully-trained.
Green Van Lines is family owned and operated, and we are proud to be one of the first moving companies to recognize that our industry takes a toll on the environment. We opened our doors in the belief we can provide professional and competitively priced moving services while maintaining strong eco-friendly practices. A key element of the GVL Advantage is that our commitment to the environment does not come at a financial cost to you. In fact, we guarantee the most competitive prices amongst reputable and legitimate moving companies. Green Van Lines , along with our affiliates around the US and overseas, operate with the highest levels of professionalism in everything we do, provide expert moving services with experienced crews expert in packing, disassembling, reassembling and in handling specialist or delicate items. But the GVL Advantage goes beyond meeting the industry criteria. We have also striven to enhance our moving services in a way that benefits our customers in every way. That is why we have set out our own standards, offering the best service in the industry to all of our clients. We meet these standards by:
  • Offering superior eco-friendly moving services
  • Being service orientated to ensure the best customer experience
  • Being the price competitive option amongst moving companies

Your Eco-Friendly Movers

These days it’s not enough for moving companies to simply provide storage and moving services to customers; we need to do so with one eye on the environment. We’re proud to that the GVL advantage extends to the world around us, as well as our customers. As one of the most forward thinking and eco-friendly Dallas movers, we’re strongly committed to making a difference to the environment – and these are the ways we do it. advertage_body_banner2
Green Van Lines is one of the few moving companies to use boxes and packing supplies made from recycled or biodegradable materials on all of our long distance moves. Even our bubble wrap is made from biodegradable materials!
Green Van Lines offers special biodegradable and reusable plastic crates in place of cardboard boxes on our local Texas moves. Reusable plastic crates will be available with our long distance moving services in the near future.
Green Van Lines uses special Bio-Diesel certified engines that burn cleaner fuel for our environment. We are working hard to convert as many trucks as possible to make our moving services even greener, and recently purchased hybrid vehicles for company use and on-site inspections.
Green Van Lines plants trees with “Trees for the Future” ( with every move we conduct. It makes the GVL advantage to the environment something tangible – trees absorb dangerous carbons and produces enough oxygen to support a family of four 4 for an entire year!
Green Van Lines are unique Dallas movers as it has almost completely eliminated paper waste by incorporating electronic communication wherever possible. Our work orders can be signed electronically and our estimators use electronic devices to record inventory and other information!
Green Van Lines’ movers wear organic cotton uniforms so “we’re green right down to the shirt on our backs!”. The GVL advantage also extends to the blankets and pads used in our moving services, as many are made from organic cottons.
Green Van Lines is always exploring the possibility of alternate clean burning fuels and other unique operating practices. We are Dallas movers that contribute both physically and financially to the daily fight to eliminate carbon emissions and to the development of alternate energy sources.
Green Van Lines promotes other Green organizations (like by including them on many of our quotes and communications. We believe strongly that one person or one company can make a difference!
Green Van Lines is a member of the Green Movers USA, a network of eco-friendly moving companies working together to change the moving industry. With a network of eco-friendly movers, we can learn from one another and greatly increase our efforts to provide cleaner moving services for us all.
Green Van Lines also reaches out and provides assistance to moving companies who wish to convert outdated wasteful practices to greener methods. Single handedly, we can make a dramatic difference, but through strength in numbers, there is no limit to how much we can change the industry and protect the global environment!

Services Orientated

Green Van Lines hires and trains the best and most experienced movers in the industry, and provides quality moving services that are unparalleled amongst competitor moving companies. But that’s only part of the GVL advantage. Our staff is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! And we are never happy unless you get the safest and smoothest move possible. Ensuring this comes down to a few key standards. advertage_body_banner3
  • Our professional Dallas movers go through an extensive training program where they learn the most effective techniques to disassemble and reassemble furniture, and packing techniques that protect your belongings.
  • Our movers learn what can and cannot be stacked to minimize potential damage in transit. All Green Van Lines movers have the experience required to effectively pack and protect your fragile possessions, like glass top tables, mirrors, picture frames, televisions and antiques.
  • Maneuvering and handling bulk items is not just a moving service, but an art form – one that has been mastered at Green Van Lines!
  • Each customer is assigned a personal relocation consultant to be their contact and guide throughout the moving process.
Whether you are looking for local Dallas movers or long distance moving services to relocate in a distant corner of this great country, you can count on Green Van Lines to get you there quickly, safely and affordably! Your move is our move, and as part of the GVL Advantage over other moving companies, we are there with you every step of the way.

Price Competitive

Whether you are looking for local Dallas movers or long distance moving services to relocate in a distant corner of this great country, you can count on Green Van Lines to get you there quickly, safely and affordably! Your move is our move, and as part of the GVL Advantage over other moving companies, we are there with you every step of the way. Our relocation specialists are well trained and knowledgeable, ensuring you get better value for money than any competitor moving companies have offer. It also means you’re kept abreast of your options, rights and responsibilities as a customer. advertage_body_banner4 Green Van Lines can tailor a price that is suited your budget. For your convenience, we charge hourly rates for our local moving services and per pound rates, or guaranteed flat rate pricing, for our long distance moving services. Whether you need local Dallas movers or long distance services, you can trust Green Van Lines to provide you with a professional and experienced crew, charge a great price and offer outstanding customer service. And we’re always here to make your move as easy and stress free as possible – a key GVL advantage over competitor moving companies.

All moves undertaken by Green Van Lines include the following moving services at no additional cost:

  • Blankets, pads, shrink wrap and tape to protect your non-fragile furniture.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of standard furniture
  • Up to 30 days of storage (some restrictions may apply)
  • Considerate measures to protect your floors and entry ways.
  • A professional foreman to supervise your crew of Dallas movers and communicate with you
Green Van Lines makes every effort to ensure that customers get the full value for their money and for the moving services they hire. Every dollar of our estimate is calculated fairly and accurately with you in mind. While other moving companies may shy away from revealing their pricing system, our transparency is another GVL advantage.
  • Local Hourly Rates are calculated by the number of movers, trucks, and services required to perform the job. For local moves, your belongings are picked up and delivered by your local Dallas movers on the same day.
  • Guaranteed Flat Prices are firm prices based on the exact list of inventory and services provided. These rates apply especially to long distance moving services, and are not affected by weight or cubic footage.
  • Per Pound Rates are estimated based on the list of articles being shipped and services provided. Final charges will be calculated by the actual weight of the shipment after being weighed at a D.O.T. certified weigh station.
You will see the difference when you use Green Van Lines. Any number of moving companies can vie for your business, but it takes hard work and absolute dedication to earn your 100% satisfaction! And at Green Van Lines, customer satisfaction is our number one goal. To find out more about the GVL advantage and our full commitment to our clients, just speak with a sales representative.

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