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Moving Services We Offer

Most moves are within a radius of just 300 miles of their point of origin, but there is more than one type. From common residential moves to industrial moves, and from local to international moves, Green Van Lines has the knowledge, experience and personnel to make your move happen. We provide a wide range of moving services, so the specific service to cover the move you need to make is always there. While other moving companies will flatter to deceive, we have been busy building a solid reputation in every field of the moving industry. And because we have the right track record, you know you can feel completely confident in Green Van Lines as your dedicated movers. So what moving services can you rely on from us? Check them out below.

Local Movers

A local move generally involves moving household goods within a 300-mile radius to their new home. Packing is one of the key services provided by the local movers, but being prepared in advance is highly recommended. You are charged by the hour, so it is in your best interest to be as close to ready as possible when the Green Van Lines team arrives on your doorstep. However, local moving companies will set the hourly (or flat rate) only after estimating the number of trucks and movers needed for the job. Since packing is a very crucial aspect of local moving services, you should visit our moving tips page. Read More

Long Distance Movers

Green Van Lines also specializes in long-distance moves to anywhere in the USA. We have an extensive and well-established network, making us the long-distance moving company to get your goods to where it needs to go, more swiftly and safely. Effective long-distance moving services depend on complex cooperation between different elements of the moving team, including transport changeovers, overnight storage and preparation of all the required documentation. Our long-distance movers handle the loading, unloading, packing and unpacking responsibilities, so you can be certain your valued goods go the distance with the maximum care and attention. Read More

Residential Movers

Moving homes is a major event for everyone in the family. That’s why we at Green Van Lines strive to make residential moves as smooth as possible. From packing and loading at your existing home, to unloading and unpacking at your new address, the utmost care is taken every step of the way. As leading residential movers, we have the experience to ensure the safe passage of your belongings. Packing is a crucial aspect of any residential move, but being prepared in advance is highly recommended to save both time and money. Our residential moving services include detailed inventory checking, at origin and at destination. Read More

Corporate Movers Dallas TX

A corporate move involves the transportation of the contents of an office, so there can be no surprise that it’s a complex operation. As experienced corporate movers, we know how vital it is to take maximum care of your office equipment and furniture – after all, it is not just property but a livelihood we’re moving. At Green Van Lines, our teams have a proven track record in moving complete businesses across cities and states, earning an unrivaled reputation amongst corporate moving companies. Our expertise in corporate moving services include the correct packing techniques for everything from electronic equipment to the boardroom table. Read More

Industrial Movers

Industrial moves are specialist operations that involve the transport of heavy machinery and equipment. It’s a complex undertaking, requiring a logistical proficiency that only proven industrial moving companies can offer. For years, Green Van Lines has been meeting the challenges that come with providing industrial moving services, with teams of highly skilled and fully trained personnel ensuring even the smallest detail is taken care of perfectly. As experienced industrial movers, we fully understand everything must be done within a tight time schedule that fits with your business needs. So don’t worry – just let us take care of it. Read More

International Movers

Green Van Lines is well-placed to ensure a seamless international move to any part of the world. Our superior international moving services is strengthened by a network of reliable affiliates around the globe that provide the same quality of service we do. Of course, international moving companies must provide much more than just secure transportation. That’s why we’re fully equipped to step up to the plate, covering the complex paperwork, customs clearances and organizing a variety of storage facilities, while also providing all the advice and support you may need. Read More

Auto Movers

Green Van Lines is renowned for providing reliable, bonded and safe transportation services for vehicles. Whether you need to move your SUV, LCV or truck, we have the know-how and experience necessary to complete an auto move without a hitch. And with a team of dependable and responsible movers, we provide an auto moving service that ensures security and care in equal measure. Unlike many auto moving companies, we provide a door to door service, so our professional auto movers will deliver your vehicle to its exact destination. And because we use specially designed trailers, your car can be moved safely and securely anywhere in the USA or the world. Read More


We know not everything can be accomplished overnight, and that’s why Green Van Lines provides storage facilities too. Our storage services can be provided for either the short term or long term, depending on your requirements. Designed to complement our long-distance and international moving services, it can also be used to simply store locally until the time comes to use your moving company. Our warehouses are insured against any kind of incident, from fire to flooding, and offer a clean and secure environment for your belongings. And despite tight security, you can gain access to your stuff anytime. Read More

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