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International Movers Dallas, TX

Green Van Lines provides quality international moving services, by allowing customers to choose the best fit for them, whether it is by air, sea, rail, or truck transportation. We have learned from over 30 years of combined experience that with the right planning, international moves can be a seamless transition in any part of the world. Your Green Van Lines relocation specialist will be there to assist you as your move evolves so that you stay 100% aware of the process and handling of your goods. moving_boxes_free_use_image_large_-_Google_Search

International Movers Dallas

What makes Green Van Lines successful international movers Dallas is the large number of affiliates from around the world that work with our company in achieving a seamless flow for the safety of your items. From customs clearance to easy storage solutions, Green Van Lines knows from experience the best way to keep your belongings safe and secure while being moved overseas. We are the moving authority in the Dallas area, and we provide a wide array of moving services to suit your move. A few things to think about as you plan on preparing for over-seas traveling:


Depending on which country you are relocating to, there may be restrictions on the quantity and type of goods you can bring. Our representatives can assist you on finding the restrictions that apply to you. Contact the local embassy of the country you are moving and they will be able to answer any questions on customs and their specific requirements. Remember: Many countries have a policy of what you can and cannot import due to imposing risks. Be sure to ask the local embassy what these policies are.


There may be no need to move your accounts to a new bank, as many banks have branches worldwide and some partner with banks in other countries. You can also ask your current bank for recommendations of financial institutions in the country of destination, in the event that your bank does not do business in that part of the world. If you keep the same credit cards at your new destination, keep in mind that you will have to pay for the difference in currency rate. Generally, credit cards are global, but it is advisable to cut up your current cards and get new ones when you settle in your new location.

Auto Transportation

Think carefully before making the decision of bringing your motor vehicle with you in an overseas move. Here are some things to consider:
  • If the country you are relocating to operate with cars on the left hand side of the road, then the steering wheel will also be on the left hand side. Even if you are allowed to drive a right hand drive on these roads that are “opposite” from what we are used to, will you feel comfortable doing so?
  • If you are relocating on a business transfer, will the company relocating you be paying for the shipping?
  • Should you buy a car in you new country – compare costs because it may be less expensive/more expensive than importing.
  • Research any tariffs the country may impose you to pay for importing a foreign car.
  • Once you have done your research, and you feel that transporting the car overseas is in your best interest; Green Van Lines offers an unbeatable


It is in your best interest to do research on your destination country to find out if specific travel or work visas are required to live and work in that country. When you know you will be moving to a new country, the first point of contact you will want to seek out is the local consulate of the country you are moving to. A letter of recommendation is usually needed when applying for a visa within another country. Your employer or bank managers are generally the people the consulate will need the letter from. There are very different requirements if you are planning to travel to that country to vacation as opposed to live and work there. Here, in the United States it is required that each immigrant living in the country have the proper visa, generally referred to as a green card. There are also student visas or J1’s for college students visiting and working for short period of time and business visas for people who specialize in a particular field and where it is difficult to find someone in the US with the same skill set. Other documents that you may be required to have during the visa process:
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce certificates
  • Medical certificates
  • Birth Certificate


Make sure that your passport is up to date!!!You do not want to arrive at the airport on your date of departure and find that your passport has already expired. Passports are issue by the Department of State however they are also generally processed through the Post Office or your local county council. Applications can also be picked up at the American Automobile Association. If you wantto apply for a passport you will need the following:
  • 2 identical passport size photos
  • Picture ID – a valid driver’s license will do
  • US passport or proof of citizenship
  • The fee
  • Completed application
You can post in your application and it generally takes up to three weeks to get your new passport, so be sure to allot that amount of time before you leave to take care of it. You must apply in person in the following instances:
  • If you are obtaining a passport for the first time
  • Last passport was issued more than 12 years ago
  • Your passport was lost or stolen
  • You were under 18 when your last passport was issued
For lost or stolen passports when you are out of the US contact the local Us Embassy. If you are in the US contact:
  • Passport Services
  • 1425 K Street
  • NW, Washington, DC 20524
  • Drivers License
You may also need to have an international driving permit or you may be required to apply for a driving license in the destination country. Of course, this depends on the country that you are relocating to. An international driving license can be obtained at your local DMV and is available in nine different languages; however this is really only a certificate of license. You may also apply for an international permit by contacting:
  • AAA Distribution Center
  • 13144 South Pulaski Rd
  • Alsip, IL 60658
In some countries your US driving license will be honored and in others you will be required to obtain a local license. It is very likely that you will be required to do a complete test including, driving test, written test and eye examination. A grace period be given in which you will need to obtain a local license where either your old license or your international permit will be honored. This time period varies from country to country.

Expert International Movers

If you’d like more information about our international movers Dallas, don’t hesitate to contact Green Van Lines today. Our experts can answer any initial questions that you have, and we can give you a quote on your move immediately!

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