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The resilient people in Wylie know how to bounce back. In the 1990s, a tornado and a fire destroyed much of historic downtown Wylie. But the citizens regrouped and made Wylie better than ever. Until the turn of the 21st Century, Wylie was a small town mostly known as an isolated lakeside community. Today, Wylie is about the same size as Prosper and some other fast-developing outer rim Dallas suburbs.

This resiliency and growth make Wylie very attractive to families and businesses from around the area, around the state, and around the country. At Geen Van Lines, our experienced team routinely handles all these relocations. Many people choose us not only because of our experience, but because of our values. We do our part to create a more sustainable world, one move at a time.

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Local Moves in Wylie

As mentioned, Wylie was still a small town twenty years ago. So, almost everything in the city is new. That includes a large Collin College extension, which opened in August 2020. That newness attracts many businesses and families from other more well-established parts of the Metroplex. In fact, most of the Wylie, Texas relocations we handle cover fewer than 100 miles.

Our reusable moving crates are the backbone of many of our local moving services. Cardboard boxes destroy almost 500 million trees a year. And, for the most part, these receptacles are single-use devices. At Green Van Lines, our reusable plastic crates typically have a second life as a modular storage unit or a shipping container in a future relocation. These lightweight, stackable crates are excellent for both purposes.

When it comes to environmental preservation, we take an extra step. Every time we complete relocation, we plant ten trees. That’s our way of being part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Commitments like this one are not just marketing gimmicks. They reflect our core values at Green Van Lines.

Long Distance Moves (Wylie TX)

Wylie’s size and accessibility make it a prime destination for out-of-state and out-of-area relocations. Though the town has grown significantly, it is still a small community. Yet it is just a few minutes away from major urban centers. Several well-maintained secondary roads flow through this area.

Many people associate long-distance moves with excessive resource consumption. They think about large, high-emission trucks and people moving things they do not need. At Green Van Lines, we work to reverse these things. Most of our trucks run on biodiesel fuel. That power source is highly efficient, from an economic and ecological perspective. Additionally, we help people carefully plan their business or personal relocations, so they can take stock of the things they really need.

Many people also associate long distance moving with high, unpredictable costs. At Green Van Lines, our efficiency lowers our expenses, which lowers customer costs. Additionally, we offer a range of pricing packages, including flat fee moves.

Vehicle Moves

Like most areas of North Texas, people in Wylie depend almost exclusively on private vehicles for transportation. That’s a necessity in many outer-rim communities. But there are alternatives available.

At Green Van Lines, our vehicle relocation services encourage people to explore these other options. Something as simple as getting a ride to your new home causes people to rethink their transportation needs. As a bonus, every vehicle that is not on the road reduces emissions and environmental degradation.

Our vehicle moves also give families additional peace of mind. Driving to a new residence, especially an out-of-state one, leads to considerable wear and tear on your vehicle and considerable wear and tear on yourself. Let us take care of this part of your move, so you can focus your attention on other things.

Commercial Relocations

Wylie is dominated by locally-owned businesses, from corner markets to neighborhood donut shops. Furthermore, Wylie has a relatively low poverty rate and a relatively diverse population. So, whatever good or service you sell, your business will probably be welcomed in Wylie.

Every Wylie business has moved at one time or another. That could be a large-scale relocation or an additional wing.

So, at Green Van Lines, we are very experienced when it comes to relocations like:

  • Warehouses: Almost every business has a warehouse. It could be a backroom or a large offsite facility. We efficiently relocate these warehouses, so your business has less downtime at its new address.
  • Libraries: Most professional offices have libraries. That could mean a few dozen volumes or a few thousand volumes. Again, regardless of the size, the Green Van Lines team efficiently moves these rooms while keeping environmental preservation at the forefront.
  • Professional Offices: Wylie’s growing population has created a strong demand for medical, legal, financial, and other professional services. Some offices are little more than a few people and a few laptops, while others are much larger. At Green Van Lines, no job is too big for us, and no job is too small.

Many of these businesses have made some changes in order to protect their neighborhood environments. We’ve made some changes as well at Green Van Lines because we share your concerns and your priorities.

Wylie TX Residential Moves

From single-family homes to multi-family developments, there are many housing options for relocating families. Additionally, Wylie has rather strict zoning laws. Thus, the community is able to manage growth and not sacrifice the quality of life of its residents.

Residential moving service gives us an opportunity to significantly reduce our resource consumption. Small changes like bio-diesel trucks and reusable moving crates make a big difference. 

We make commitments in this area because our Green Van Lines team members are also your neighbors. So, we benefit from them as much as you do.

We are also committed to low-cost moves. We are not the cheapest Wylie, Texas movers, but we do provide the most value for your dollar.

Corporate HQ Relocations

Most of the corporate headquarters in Wylie are small, closely-held businesses. These relocations fit in with Wylie’s profile of a small town with big-city amenities.

At Green Van Lines, we understand that relocating your corporate headquarters also means relocating your leadership team, at least in most cases. So, we approach these relocations as a combination of residential and commercial moves. Although these moves are larger, we do not waver in our commitment to environmental protection.

Directions to Nearest Branch

Click here to find the Green Van Lines location nearest you and start planning your business or residential move today. We work with you closely in the days and weeks before move day, to ensure the most seamless relocation possible.

About Wylie

Wylie, a city once located in Collin County, has grown to extend into Dallas and Rockwall, too. The nearby Lavon Lake and Lake Ray Hubbard allow visitors a nice view. When it comes to great food, nothing beats Wylie. Next time you’re in town, visit Meteor Hamburgers or El Flamboyan for great eats.

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