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Texas Movers: University Park

The home of Southern Methodist University is one of the most distinctive cities in Dallas County. Many area towns did not grow significantly until the 1950s and 1960s. But University Park experienced almost all its growth before that period. Additionally, University Park is one of the most affluent and well-educated cities in the United States. That combination makes this North Texas enclave community an attractive destination for your family or business.

Preservation is important in communities like University Park. It’s also a quality we embrace at Green Van Lines. But instead of historical preservation, we focus on environmental preservation. Relocation is traditionally a resource-intensive endeavor. We do our best to minimize resource consumption, and to make a better life for everyone.

Local Moves

If you want a quiet, out-of-the-way oasis in the business of Dallas-Fort Worth, University Park might be the ideal place for your family. Very few through streets, and no interstate highways, go through or near University Park. Almost all the residents are locals, and there are very few travelers.

That environment is also a good place to locate a small business that relies on neighborhood clientele, like a coffee shop, restaurant, or specialty store. These businesses usually find an easily accessible customer base. Additionally, University Park’s affluence means that tax rates are relatively low.

In terms of eco-friendly relocations, our green moving crates are the centerpiece of most of our local moves. These stackable crates are extremely easy for almost anyone to transport. Additionally, they are reusable, either in a future Green Van Lines move or as local storage containers. Our pricing plan helps ensure that these crates are reused as much as possible.

Speaking of pricing plans, Green Van Lines officers a variety of alternatives for local movers. Since demand is flexible, or pricing plans are flexible as well. So, you can pick the time that best fits your family’s or business needs.

Long Distance Moves

As mentioned, University Park is an enclave city that is difficult to access for long distances. There are no nearby freeways or airports. Additionally, with a population of under 25,000 residents and a landlocked location, University Park is not easy to locate. So, for many long distance movers, this town is no more than a dot on a map.

The Green Van Lines experience is different. Our long distance moving crews are usually from the Dallas area. They know how to reach University Park and reach a specific place in University Park without encountering narrow streets, traffic bottlenecks, or other obstacles which could cause costly delays. 

Furthermore, once you arrive, our team does more than move stuff out of a truck. They help you get settled in your new location.

In many ways, long distance relocations are our showcase at Green Van Lines. These moves allow us to show our customers a difference in service. Additionally, these relocations let us conserve resources even more. For example, we use the most fuel-efficient engines possible. Reducing emissions lets us be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Most moving companies care little about the resources their long distance relocations consume, and for these moves, most companies only charge by the pound. But at Green Van Lines, the aforementioned pricing flexibility is still available. Our experience enables us to offer some alternatives to per-pound relocations, such as flat fee moves.

Vehicle Moves

Today, people everywhere are driving less so they can conserve more. That mantra applies not only to vehicle emissions but also to petroleum consumption. Cars that are not moving services consume no gas or oil. So, why do these people feel they must drive their own vehicles when they move?

A better idea is to let the Green Van Lines team handle your vehicle relocation. The fewer vehicles that are on the road, the fewer resources we use. And, we know these values are important to our customers as they are to us. That’s why we offer convenient and secure vehicle transportation during all our relocation projects.

On a related note, once your business or family gets settled in University Park, we offer convenient and secure storage solutions. Think of us as your extra utility closet or garage.

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Commercial Relocations

For businesses large and small, relocation is expensive. In addition to the direct costs, there is the lost operation to consider. So, at Green Van Lines, we reduce these direct and indirect costs as much as possible. We offer efficient relocation services for:

  • Warehouses: Safe and convenient storage is essential for warehouse-based businesses. So, our team does not leave until the relocation job is done to your satisfaction. Then, we quickly move on so you can get back to work.
  • Hospitality: From large hotels to small Airbnb rentals, our Green Van Lines team helps get you ready to accommodate guests and take your services to the next level.
  • Healthcare: The customer experience is also essential in the competitive healthcare industry. If patients and families do not feel comfortable at your facility, they will go somewhere else. So, our team helps your team offer world-class healthcare services and an environment that attracts patients.

As mentioned, University Park is an inviting commercial environment in many ways. But there are also some challenges to overcome. The same thing is true for your relocation. There are always challenges to overcome, and our team is always equal to the task.

Residential Moves

It is not easy to be a newcomer to University Park. Many families have lived here for generations. Our team might not be able to change that dynamic, but we can ease the transition as much as possible for your family.

Most residential relocations involve downsizing or upsizing. Downsizing customers often take advantage of our residential storage services. Keep your things with us, and when you need them, they are there. If you are upsizing, our team helps connect you with local professionals who help you optimize your space.

We go above and beyond in terms of service, but when it comes to resource consumption, we never go beyond the absolute minimum.

Corporate HQ Relocations

University Park’s combination of affluence and high education is an attractive combination for many corporate movers headquarters. Many of your new neighbors would make excellent customers or team members. And, since many University Park residents prefer doing business with local corporations, you have the inside track for future growth.

Our Green Van Lines team treats most commercial headquarters moves like a combination of residential and commercial moves. That approach allows us to bring all our experience to bear during every move.

Directions to Nearest Branch

Click here to find the Green Van Lines branch nearest you. Each location can address all your relocation and storage needs. Also, each location has the same standards in terms of human resources. So, no matter where you go, you get the same Green Van Lines experience.

Feel free to visit our Dallas office. The address is 4310 McEwen Rd, Dallas, TX 75244.

About University Park

University Park, a northern suburb of Dallas, is the home to Southern Methodist University and a variety of businesses. When it comes to educational opportunities, very few other cities in the area can compare to the level of quality achieved in University Park. With the Highland Park Independent School District and Dallas County Community College District, there are plenty of options for education.

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